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Pay attention, 'cause we only want to do this once. !  Here's how to play the game, and how the game will be scored.  

To play the game, just click on the "ENTER PICKS" link in the March Madness menu at the top of the page.  But don't do it yet.  You need to read the rest of the rules.  Once the game form comes up, enter your name/handle.  This is so we know how to quickly get in touch with you in case there is a some sort of malfunction with your picks.

Below the name and address boxes are some rather large tables with 64 teams listed.  Your job, should you choose to accept, is to determine which teams are MOST LIKELY and LEAST LIKELY to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament - and then rank them from 64 to 1.  

The team in which you are MOST confident to win the tournament gets a confidence factor of 64.  So, if you think Winthrop is a mortal lock to run the table and win the tournament, type a 64 in the entry box next to their name.  Go ahead - we dare you.  Chicken ?  Then put a 64 on Connecticut or Duke like the rest of us weenies. 

For the team that you are LEAST confident in to win the tournament, put a 1 on.  For the teams in between 64 and 1, use a little strategy.  Its probably not a good idea to have your 64 and 63 teams meeting in the first round (but we certainly won't stop you from doing it).  As in previous years, you'll notice a team listed as "Wild Card Play-In".  That's because there are 65 teams in the tourney - not 64.  Two teams will meet in a play-in game on Tournament Tuesday for the right to play a top seed later in the week.  We don't want to waste our time or yours with those losers.  So, to still allow you until Thursday morning to submit your picks -  the winner of that Tuesday game will be labeled as one team ("Roadkill").  Here's a hint - it would be good strategy to put a 1 confidence in that block. 

The best approach to making your picks is to print out a copy of the brackets, look it over, write down your confidence factors, and then come back to the electronic entry form.  Be careful not to enter the same number twice.  Although we have quality control checks in place, its always best if you double check it yourself.   You can't put a 64 confidence on 10 separate teams (well, you can, but we'll disqualify you and ask you to re-submit your picks).   When you get done filling in all the blocks, hit submit and wait for the confirmation form to come up.  You only enter this form once, and its good for the whole tournament.

OK... not that you know this... this is how we will do the SCORING (yes, that means click on the link) !

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