dirty-dawg.com College Basketball Confidence Contest

Now that you know how to enter and play, here's how we'll score it.  You'll notice that, unlike other cheesy bracket contests, just because your final four teams get whacked in the first round - you're not out of it !

OK... let's simplify first. You'll be awarded points each time a team wins based on the following...

Round 1 - Team Confidence Factor x 1 (total possible points 1552)

Round 2- Team Confidence Factor x 2 (total additional points possible 1808)

Round 3 - Team Confidence factor x 3 (total additional points possible 1452)

Round 4 - Team Confidence Factor x 5 (total additional points possible 1250)

Round 5 - Team Confidence Factor x 10 (total additional points possible 1270)

National Title Game - Team Confidence Factor x 20 (total additional points possible 1280)


If you need more detail... read on...

At the end of the first round, you'll get points for all (32) teams that win.  The points you get depend on the confidence levels you've assigned to those winning teams (a 64 confidence factor equals 64 points).  For example, a perfect first round would have your 33 through 64 teams winning and your 1 through 32 teams losing.  That would mean a total of 1552 points you've earned in the first round.  There are no negative points given for losses.  For later rounds we'll raise the stakes a bit.  At end of round 2, you'll add to your first round total by getting double points for all 16 teams that win (again, depending on the confidence levels you've placed on those teams).  For example, if your 64 team wins a round 2 game, you get an additional 128 points for that win.  At the end of round 3,  we'll triple the points for the 8 teams that win.  At the end of  round 4, for the  teams that win (4) we'll multiply your confidence levels by a factor of 5.  For the 5th round (the final four), we'll multiply your confidence levels for the 2 winning teams by 10.  And finally, we'll add to your tournament total by multiplying your confidence level for the national champion by 20.  

The person with the most points at the end of the contest - wins !   

A perfect score is 8612.  If anyone gets that, they can run this contest next year.  

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