College Basketball Confidence Contest Official Rules

Okay, dawgs, pay attention because we are only going to do this once! Here is how to play CBCC and how things are scored.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to determine which teams are most likely and least likely to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And rank them from 64 to 1.

Now here is the hard part to remember. The team in which you are MOST confident to win the tournament should get a Confidence Factor of 64. So, if you think Lipscomb is a mortal lock to run the table and win the tournament, type 64 in the entry box next to their name. Go for it, we dare you! If your aren't high on Lipscomb, then just put a 64 on Duke like the rest of us weenies.

For the team you think has the least chance to win the tournament, put a 1 on them. For the rest of the field you are going to have to pull out some strategy and that's what the contest is all about. You will see some place holders for the the play-in teams. We don't want to waste your valuable time with those losers so we don't play those first couple play-in games which gives everyone until Thursday morning to get the field handicapped.

The best approach to making your picks is to print out a copy of the tournament bracket from a reputable website (unlike, pick your winners, decide on 64 through 1 on each team, and then come back here and enter your picks. Remember, you have to use each confidence factor from 1 to 64. No duplicates and no omissions. Of course, our massive cloud computing super computer array will check for those boneheaded mistakes, so we have your back. What our systems won't check is you putting the low numbers on the best teams and the highest numbers on the roadkill. It happens. Every. Year. We repeat, 64 on the best team. 1 on the crappiest team. Don't screw that up or we will use your picks as the example for next season!

Once your picks are in, you can sit back and watch the whole tournament with the warm and fuzzy feeling that you will always have points on the board to win. This will be in stark contrast to all of the bracket contests you have entered in which you will be out of after the first round. It happens. Every. Year.

By now you are probably wondering how this thing is scored. Let's take a look...

College Basketball Confidence Contest Scoring

Round 1: Winning Team Confidence Factor x 1 (total possible points is 1552)
Round 2: Winning Team Confidence Factor x 2 (total possible points is 1808)
Round 3: Winning Team Confidence Factor x 3 (total possible points is 1452)
Round 4: Winning Team Confidence Factor x 5 (total possible points is 1250)
Round 5: Winning Team Confidence Factor x 10 (total possible points is 1270)
Round 6: Winning Team Confidence Factor x 20 ( total possible points is 1280)
Total Possible Contest Points: 8612
At the end of Round 1, you will receive the confidence points you put on the 32 winning teams. A perfect Round 1 would have your teams with confidence factors of 33 through 64 winning. That has never happened, by the way. But if you are the first, you would see a Round 1 perfect score of 1552. No negative points are given for losses, so don't worry about that. For the later round we up the stakes. At the end of Round 2 we will take your confidence factors for the 16 winning teams and double them. Round 2 has the most points available with 1808. We will triple points for Round 3 and multiply by 5 for Round 4. The semi-final games (Round 5) multiply confidence values by 10 and the National Championship game (Round 6) is multiplied by 20.

The dirty-dawger with the most points at the end of Round 6 will be designated CBCC Champion. And be showered with glory. A perfect score is 8612. If anyone gets that, you can kick yourself for not playing one of those million dollar perfect bracket contests that we always make fun of and you get to run this contest next year!

Very Important Note: Sports Confidence Contests are strictly for entertainment purposes and may not be used in connection with any form of gambling or sports wagering. does not promote, or condone gambling of any kind. dirty-dawg was designed for non-gambling sports enthusiasts. We also don't condone play from your work computer. Your loss of employment is basically your own probem.

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