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Groups of dirty-dawgs are comprised of more than one dirty-dawger who share something in common.  That something is for you to decide.  From this page you can create a group (which makes you the administrator) or can join a group, if you see something that relates to you.  The administrator of any particular group has the right to veto your inclusion within that group, so just don't go joining everything you see.  You can create a group at any time, but the group will not become active until there are 5 members of that group.  You can also belong to as many groups as you wish, that is if they will have you!  Separate standings will be generated for each group and for all of the groups against each other.  Still have questions??  Just send us some email at directors@dirty-dawg.com.

Create a Group

If you would like to create a group, you can do it here by entering the group name and brief description of the group.  You must enter your player handle and password to validate the request.  Try to keep the group name as clean as possible.  

Group Name:

Group Type: CFCC    PFCC   CBCC


Administrator (player handle): 


Join a Group/View Groups

Remember, you can join as many groups as you like, but the group administrator can boot you off if he/she doesn't think you belong.


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