CFCC Week 3 Wrap: A Tough Week on the Job

by: exRegionalWeenie September 18, 2017

Admit it. When you first opened the pick sheet for Week 3, you noticed only two games with very low point spreads (3 points or less) but one-third of the games had spreads of 9 and 1/2 or greater. We'll be taking candy from a baby this week! The truth is, we thought so, too. But for the first time in three weeks, the NCAA football gods gave us a week of chaos and upsets as 8 favored teams lost. Ouch. And it would have been much worse if 16-point favorite USC didn't edge upset-minded Texas in overtime and if Florida didn't land a lucky Hail Mary to beat Tennessee a...
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The 2017 Week 2 CFCC Wrap-up:

Best College Week 2 Ever; Contenders and Pretenders start to get Identified

By Shudda, Cudda, Wudda

The past several seasons have seen some excellent Week 1 Matchups, only to be followed by a lame Week 2, with lots of lopsided games. Not so in 2017 as we saw probably the best Week 2 slate of games ever, with four Top 25 matchups, and three of those games being Top 15 matchups. Unfortunately all four of these games were broadcast during Prime Time, making it difficult to fully appreciate the day. #6 USC and Sam Darnold made a statement in the LA Coliseum, drubbing #14 Stanford, 42-24 with over 300 yards ...
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PFCC Week 1/2 Wrap

by: Sugar (September 21, 2017)

This would be the wrap-up for PFCC Weeks 1 and 2 not Week one-half, for you smarty pantses out there! First up is a big dirty-dawg shout-out to Phil Grigsby, Robert Ricks and Tim Destri for their hospitality to the Chief dirty-dawg himself last week in Slidell, Louisiana! Enjoyed the visit, thanks guys! You can find some of these dawgers and their colleagues in the veteran dirty-dawg group The Passing Wind.

And in other news, we had to fire another dd Intern last week for failing to get the Week 1 PFCC wrap-up written and published. I'm not sure what kind of recommendation we can give this guy since he crashed and burned with his first assignment? Anyhow, the contests proceed with or without wrap-ups and we wish the Intern luck in his new position at ESPN.

The NFL and PFCC are off and running one again this year, with 2 weeks of the regular 17 weeks already in the books. Mark Cunningham from San Angelo, TX bested the dirty-dawg field for Week 1 scoring 103 points on a 12-2 record. Remember we were 1 game short thanks to hurricanes! Mark's 103 was nearly double the field average of 54 points for Week 1. Gregory Forrester from Glasgow, Montana was runner-up with 95 points while Todd Hamill from Tyrone, GA finished 3rd with 91 points and 13, count them, 13 wins.

The average score for PFCC Week 2 was a more respectable 77 points, but the Detroit Lions didn't help that any. There were 94 dawgers that had faith in the Lions, despite them not having won, on the road, on Monday night, since (the best the dirty-dawg super computers could figure) 1994. That's 23 years. We were known as back then. Anyhow, Detroit easily dispatched of the NY Giants on MNF, making 94 dawgs happy, including Jacob Ventimiglia from Eastpointe, wait for it, Michigan with 14 confidence points on the guys in Honolulu Blue accents. Cindy Elsenheimer from Fernand...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 3 of the 2017 Competition
1 Joe Merchant222 36 8
2 Andrew Sniezak199 33 11
3 Zach Sefcovic199 32 12
4 Michael Orosco195 30 14
5 Andrew Schmidt184 31 13
6 Penny Zabel181 29 15
7 Eric Coleman180 32 12
8 Joel Veeneman179 31 13
9 Brian Boyd177 31 13
10 Brian Walawender177 30 14
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Pro Football

As of Week 2 of the 2017 Competition
1 Doug Nave189 24 5
2 Gregory Waller185 25 4
3 Alex Libardoni181 24 5
4 Scott Baker180 23 6
5 Judith Bradberry179 23 6
6 Tom Morrill177 23 6
7 Monica Traphagan177 23 6
8 Krissy Hurley176 23 6
9 Albert Greenhut175 24 5
10 Tim Oram175 22 7
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March Madness

For the 2017 Competition
1 Justin Weaver7993
2 Bob Fogarty7959
3 David Broxton7941
4 Mike Lowder7918
5 Brian Boyd7866
6 Jeremy Buckles7863
7 Otto Binau7862
8 Dave Ratzlaff7861
9 Brian Gregory7850
10 Mike Zwier7845
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CFCC Week 4 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sat Sep 23
Picks Entered: 151

PFCC Week 3 Deadline:
8:30 AM CDT, Sun Sep 24
Picks Entered: 83