Dick Wagenmaker wins CBCC 2015!!

March Madness - You're Still Perfect Until Thursday!!!

by the Cold Hard Truth

They say that with age comes wisdom. Generally I believe that, but there are always exceptions to the rule. The NCAA Basketball Tournament is one of those exceptions. No matter what we do, we never really learn any more the next year. It doesn't matter if we rush through and pick winners or carefully sit down and analyze every game - it just doesn't work out like we think it will. In f...
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Mr. Brown Dominates PFCC 2014; Soggy Bottom Boys Take Group Crown Again

by: Sugar (Feb 7)

Seahawk fans have had almost a week now to dissect the decision to throw on 2nd down instead of going with Lynch Beast Mode. And, it probably doesn't feel much better than it did last week. On the other hand, Patriot fans everywhere (assuming there are some everywhere) don't care, because they are Super Bowl Champions once again! Tom Brady...handsome, rich, talented, smoking hot wife. You gotta hate that guy. But here at dirty-dawg.com, we all LOVE the guy who goes by Mr. Brown, because he absolutely destroyed the PFCC field and cruised to the 2014 championship. He...
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Best Time of Year: dirty-dawg 2015!!

by: Sugar (August 16, 2015)

We start this season on a sad note as we just lost one of our charter dirty-dawg members on August 5th. Lloyd Hopwood, an original dirty-dawger and one of the funniest guys we know passed away on August 5th due to COPD. Lloyd was a hard-core Texas Aggie and played every week of every dirty-dawg CFCC since its inception in 1999. Lloyd was famous for asking me about half-way through each season, "who is the sadistic SOB in charge of picking these CFCC games?" forgetting that it was usually me picking the games. Or maybe he didn't forget?? In any event, dirty-dawg won't be the same without Lloyd and we dedicate this season to our friend and fellow dirty-dawger...rest in peace Lloyd!!

For those of you hoping that we would not be running dirty-dawg this year because we are late getting started, I am here to personally disappoint you! We are back and better, or at least the same as, ever. This is the 17th consecutive year of dirty-dawg.com on-line and we plan to continue with our 1999 look and functionality...so enjoy! This will be the second year of the College Football Playoff, after what most college football fans considered a success in the inaugral year of 2014. TCU and Baylor fans can skip the previous sentence. Less successful was dirty-dawg's new scoring schema for the playoffs which, unintentionally, allowed a bunch of losers to get big points on the championship game by picking Alabama to win it all, instead of Ohio State. This screw-up did not affect the eventual champions, but sure made some other dirty-dawgs a little "hot under the collar" shall we say. Hopefully a few months has calmed those folks down and they will be back for us to make amends with a better playoff scoring system this year. More on that as the season unfolds (which will also give our massively parralled computers time to evaluate the screw-up potential for ...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 15 of the 2014 Competition
1 Roger Bryan1012 156 79
2 Aidan Binau957 154 81
3 Mike Johnson938 157 78
4 Jon Zeitler931 159 76
5 Mike Zwier920 156 79
6 David Rowell917 161 74
7 Michael Boyer916 154 81
8 Kent Kuyper914 156 79
9 Jesse Binau914 149 86
10 David Schomaker914 145 90
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2014 Competition
1 Mr Brown1338 165 75
2 Bob Fogarty1271 168 72
3 John Settelmaier1266 168 72
4 Gary Petti1265 170 70
5 Brandie Carboni1255 168 72
6 Brandon Dunstan1251 168 72
7 Clay Weir1250 168 72
8 Katie Hippler1246 165 75
9 Kirk Caceres1244 166 74
10 Jason Runyen1241 165 75
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March Madness

For the 2015 Competition
1 Dick Wagenmaker8142
2 Brian Gregory8121
3 Nicole Ventimiglia8118
4 Bud Hazelwood8106
5 Jerry Douglas8102
6 Zaaron Allen8101
7 Albert Greenhut8071
8 Kent Ross8066
9 Nick Webb8057
10 Chris Charters8055
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PFCC Week 1 Deadline:
12:00 PM CDT, Sun Sep 13
Picks Entered: 26