PFCC Week 5 Wrap: Minus 11

by: Sugar (October 14, 2017)

PFCC Week 5 was another reminder of the harshness of the NFL. The parity that exists in the league, which always seems greater than most fans admit, was very apparent. It was a tough week for favorites and that was greatly reflected in an average score for the week of minus 11. That was the AVERAGE score. An 11 with a dash in front of it. That means about the half the field had a lower score!

Just because most of the field wasn't very good, certainly doesn't mean that no dirty-dawgers were very good. In fact, Brandon Bigelbach from Glasgow, MT was able to pick 11 of the 13 games correctly and ble...
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CFCC Week 6 History in the Remaking

by: The Cold Hard Truth

On September 30, former Purdue football coach Joe Tiller passed away at the age of 74. He coached the Boilermakers from 1997 to 2008, and during that time, Purdue was a pretty good football team. It was only fitting that this past Saturday, a vastly improved Purdue team waged a 4th quarter rally against Minnesota, delivering a game winning drive in the final minutes. I thought it was a great way to honor Coach Tiller.

Across the country, another great coach and former "Junction Boy" was being honored. Gene Stallings and the 1967 Aggie team were honored during halftime of the Alabama and Texas...
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The Annual Saturday Massacre

By Boda

Yes, this past Saturday was the annual Saturday Massacre. You know its coming, but you never know when. You know of what I speak. A week where some badass school unviels the worst uniform you've ever seen. What ensues afterward can only be described as unspeakable. This year Florida decided it would be good to look sort of like an alligator, with blue and a pinkish red trim. All that is missing is a blue tie. Also, the helmet falls well short of the previous standard, and only has a cutout of a gator head plastered on the side of a normal helmet - when it clearly should have been an actual gator head (or reasonable facsimile). Anyway, as in all other cases, this uniform will never be seen again - betrayed by its own fanbase.
Just like this one from 2016. Even with a legitimate angry duck head.
In other news from Saturday, there were apparently a bunch of upsets of ranked teams - even though they did not play other ranked teams. My favorite part of the week though is that most of these upsets weren't even on the game form - thus sparing our loyal clientele of an ugly hemorrhaging of prized points. Whoever posted that game form was a clear marketing genius. It could have been worse, though. Michigan, U...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 7 of the 2017 Competition
1 Joel Veeneman455 75 29
2 Loretta Harral455 75 29
3 Rick Hluchan452 76 28
4 Brad Bryant450 73 31
5 Trinna Patterson446 75 29
6 Josh Boustead445 76 28
7 Brian Burleson445 74 30
8 Andrew Schmidt444 72 32
9 Mike Imgarten443 74 30
10 Linda Ashford443 74 30
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Pro Football

As of Week 6 of the 2017 Competition
1 Scott Baker242 58 27
2 Brandon Bigelbach225 49 36
3 Gregory Waller219 52 33
4 Brian Boyd215 55 30
5 Jeremy Muha213 53 32
6 David Broxton213 52 33
7 Jeffrey Overton203 50 35
8 Sam Binau195 52 33
9 Mary C Embry193 52 33
10 Brian Burleson191 53 32
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March Madness

For the 2017 Competition
1 Justin Weaver7993
2 Bob Fogarty7959
3 David Broxton7941
4 Mike Lowder7918
5 Brian Boyd7866
6 Jeremy Buckles7863
7 Otto Binau7862
8 Dave Ratzlaff7861
9 Brian Gregory7850
10 Mike Zwier7845
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CFCC Week 8 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sat Oct 21
Picks Entered: 116

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12:00 PM CDT, Sun Oct 22
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