PFCC Week 10: "Dak's All Folks" - Romo Sings a "Looney Tune"

by: The Cold Hard Truth

I've watched football players stand up and deliver a speech as they entered the Hall of Fame, or after they've played their final game of a long and successful career. However, I've never heard anything like I heard come out of Tony Romo's mouth this past week. Articles have praised Romo's wonder speech and said what a great team player he is for supporting Dak Prescott. I think I'm headed a different direction on this. I think Romo is crazy and this whole deal was a little awkward. Let's review a few quotes from his speech.

"Its a dark place. Probably the darkest ...
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Playoffs Don't Matter

By Boda

Week 11 in college football was a bloodbath. I could barely bring myself to write about it. Instead, let's write about CFCC week 11. Zach Sefcovic of Cleveland ended up the week's winner with a stellar 10-5 record for 72 points. Yep, no bloodbath there either. We think thats one of the lowest dirty-dawg winning scores ever. Dirty-dawg staff statisticians will be working on verifying that, as soon as the office Commodore64 boots. In fact, after looking at Zach's picks, we have determined there is a non-zero chance that he had his confidence picks in reverse order. How else do you explain putting a 1 on Michigan (12 spots below the dirty-da...
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The 2016 Week 12 CFCC Wrap-up:
Targeting Week Comes and Goes

by Wudda, Cudda, Shudda

The week before Rivalry Week can now be labeled as “Targeting Week” (or maybe Cream Puff Week). Many of the games in our Week 12 slate last week served as buffer games before the highly anticipated Rivalry games, protecting “star” players from possibly serving targeting suspensions from Week 11 infractions, thereby missing a the first half against a cream puff opponent rather than against the rival. Also, Week 12 cream puff opponents allows weary “stars” to rest on the sidelines and heal-up for the Week 13 Rivalry games. However thanks to Hurricane Andrew we did have two creampuff games cancelled to allow Florida and LSU to make up their Hurricaned-out game from October 8. And this game ended up being a huge surprise for Dirty Dawg players as only 3 percent of us picked the victorious Gators, with LSU being a consensus 12 pick. This game went right down to the wire (and goal line) as Florida stopped LSU’s 4th Down goal line dive.

In the rest of the games there were four other upsets including Oklahoma State thumping TCU 31-6; Virginia Tech with a mild upset of Notre Dame in South Bend; Minnesota with a strong effort upsetting Northwestern 29-12; and Arkansas upsetting Mississippi State with a Big 12 types score 58-42. So not all the games were cream puff games.

In Dirty Dawg play, Sam Lucci’s stranglehold on the rest of us has finally ended, as Sam dropped to #2, behind our new leader, Aiden Binau (Billings, MT). Lucci filed a 36, right at the DD average of 35.3, while Binau scored a stellar 72. Rounding out the Top 5 was Brandon Dunstan, still at #3, Andrew Kennedy up two places to #4, and Rudy Casias, up 14 places to #5.

For the week, Danielle Clapper (Louisville, CO) scored a blistering 98 to lead the pack. Danielle went 13-2, and nailed 4 of the 5 upsets, including being one of the 3% w...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 13 of the 2016 Competition
1 Aidan Binau807 140 54
2 Andrew Kennedy791 133 61
3 Danny Gant782 139 55
4 Bob Dukesherer777 134 60
5 Greg Wallace776 134 60
6 Brandon Dunstan775 134 60
7 Steve Friend769 138 56
8 Rudy Casias765 136 58
9 Asam Michael761 133 61
10 Sam Lucci761 132 62
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Pro Football

As of Week 12 of the 2016 Competition
1 Ben Nelson584 111 54
2 Christine Kruse556 110 55
3 Ted Champney550 104 61
4 Joe Kunches536 103 62
5 Daniel Noirot534 109 56
6 Alan Rezek534 105 60
7 Jerry Bailey530 105 60
8 John Zittel526 109 56
9 Gale Kurtz522 102 63
10 Kent Ross520 109 56
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March Madness

For the 2016 Competition
1 Mike Coyne7797
2 Gregory Forrester7773
3 Bob Wagner7743
4 Rodney Hinson7712
5 Richard Miner7702
6 Francis Kredensor7695
7 Hank Bauer7688
8 Pat Vesper7685
9 Dale Dues7683
10 Steve Beaver7677
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PFCC Week 13 Deadline:
12:00 PM CST, Sun Dec 4
Picks Entered: 105