Wire-to-Wire: Coyne on Fire

by: The Cold Hard Truth

As I was sitting here watching the final round of the Masters, two things struck me. First, I forgot to write the final CBCC story...and secondly, it is hard to go wire-to-wire in anything. Mike Coyne of Mansfield, Texas has accomplished something unheard of in Dirty-Dawg CBCC history - he successfully capped off an incredible wire-to-wire championship. As Villanova was draining the final three to sink the Tar Heels in one of the best championship games we've seen in three decades, Mike was defeating Gregory Forrester of Glasgow, Montana by a mere 24 points.

It was like Secretariat winning t...
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Looking at the Data: Coyne builds solid lead heading into Sweet 16

by: The Cold Hard Truth

After the first two rounds, we've all picked 48 games. If you are in a March Madness pool this year and have successfully selected the winner in three-quarters of those games, you're probably close to the top, if not leading your competition. Heading into the Round of 16, Mike Coyne from Mansfield, Texas has a commanding 83 point CBCC. At this point, he has correctly chosen 36 games. So what's his secret?

Okay, I don't know Mike's secret method of picking games, but I can tell you that I'm a "gut feeling" kind of guy. Using that method, I've slip into the...
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Andrew Schmidt is 2015 PFCC Champion!
Tebow's QB Camp is Group Champs

by: Sugar (not February, 2016)

It is way past time to show some dirty-dawg love to the dawgs that brave the marathon of all dirty-dawg contests, the PFCC! The contest that starts in September and doesn't end until early February takes its toll on everyone, even the folks that write these articles, apparently! PFCC 2015 wrapped up with Denver beating the favored Carolina Panthers and it ultimately ended the great Peyton Manning's career. After a big victory, of course.

The other guy that earned a big victory was Andrew Schmidt, from Peachtree City, Georgia, who moved from 5th place after the regular season into the PFCC championship spot after a 291 point Super Bowl Blowout. Andrew finished with an impressive 1002 points and overall record of 158-81. It may seem that Andrew only gets this delayed write-up as his glory, but he will have the admiration of dirty-dawgers everywhere, forever, and that folks, you can't buy. Congatulations, Andrew!

Steven Tensfeldt from Monroe, NY is the 2015 runner-up and Silver Dog Bone medalist. Steven led the contest going in to the Super Bowl Blowout, but fell a little short with a 268 point blowout score. He finished with 995 points on a 158-81 record. Steven also holds the silver bone from the 2011 PFCC. Very impressive, Steven! Both Andrew and Steven got the Super Bowl match-up correct, but they had 12 on Carolina and 11 on the eventual champ Broncos.

This year's Bronze Bone PFCCer is dirty-dawg veteran Jon Zeitler. Jon finished with 990 points and went 154-85 during the regular season. Jon had 12 on the Pats and 10 on Denver. Caiden Orosco finished 4th with 980 points, but had the best overall record at 159-80. Another long-time dirty-dawger, Ed Calianese was 5th with 975 points. Martha Hilgemon, veteran Tina Fausey, Kenneth Entremont, John Werner and Doug Nave rounded out the Top 10...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 14 of the 2015 Competition
1 Albert Greenhut960 151 69
2 Tina Fausey950 151 69
3 Mike Zwier934 151 69
4 Johnnye Peacock930 148 72
5 Jeff Raberding926 152 68
6 Brian Sadler920 151 69
7 Seymour Moseley917 149 71
8 Johnny Vegas912 151 69
9 Russell Barker911 151 69
10 Darone Jones910 152 68
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2015 Competition
1 Andrew Schmidt1002 158 81
2 Steven Tensfeldt995 158 81
3 Jon Zeitler990 154 85
4 Caiden Orosco980 159 80
5 Ed Calianese975 151 88
6 Martha Hilgeman962 157 82
7 Tina Fausey962 149 90
8 Kenneth Entremont953 154 85
9 John Werner952 153 86
10 Doug Nave950 146 93
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March Madness

For the 2016 Competition
1 Mike Coyne7797
2 Gregory Forrester7773
3 Bob Wagner7743
4 Rodney Hinson7712
5 Richard Miner7702
6 Francis Kredensor7695
7 Hank Bauer7688
8 Pat Vesper7685
9 Dale Dues7683
10 Steve Beaver7677
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