CBCC Final Outcome: Robert Ricks “Badgers” the Competition

by: The Cold Hard Truth

When I do these write-ups, I constantly have to remind myself that this is not all about me. Rather, it’s about all the wonderful Dirty-Dawg competitors out there. I could brag about “another” Top 10 finish to add to my resume, but that would be self-indulgent and just plain wrong. Of course, my colleagues on the Dirty-Dawg Admin Team would ask, “Cold Hard Truth, we know that you have finished in the Top 10 at least four times – even finishing second once – but have you actually ever won?” My answer, “No, I have never won, but I personally know Robert Ricks from Abita, Springs, L...
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Big Dance Down to Final 4, CBCC to Final 3

by: Sugar (March 31, 2014)

Wow! What a great tournament so far with several games doing down to the buzzer! And guess what? No one is going to win $1 Billion as predicted right here in this very column 15 days ago by your's truly. Nate Silver isn't the only statistical genius around. Ok, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the odds on a perfect bracket and proclaim, "It ain't gonna happen". Especially this year. But, if you are a dirty-dawger it doesn't matter because you still have points on the board.

The bad news is that those points don't really matter unless your name is Robert Ricks, Mark ...
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College Football Playoff - dirty-dawg 2014!!

by: Sugar (August 2, 2014)

It's hard to believe that football season is right around the corner, and that means it's time to gear up for another season of dirty-dawg.com! We have been mulling over numerous improvements to the dirty-dawg experience this summer and you will likely get what you have come to expect with the best football contests on the web! That's right, probably none of the ideas will be implemented. But for the first time since dirty-dawg's inaugural season in 1999 (and that year is NOT a typo) there will be changes to the College Football Confidence Contest (CFCC). That's because the BCS has been given walking papers in favor of a much long awaited and much overdue college football playoff. A selection committee will choose the 4 best college football teams at the end of the season to take part in a 3-game playoff. The winner of the playoff will be the official National College Football Champion. So, as good of news as that is, it will mean some scoring routine changes for the Bowl Blowout and we'll let you know how that is going to work, er, ah, as soon as we figure it out.

But that doesn't mean we can't going with dirty-dawg right now. CFCC Week 1 will begin Labor Day weekend with games on August 30. We will then play an additional 13 weeks before we pause for the bowl games and national playoff (15 weeks total once again this year). For the professional circuit, dirty-dawg.com's Pro Football Confidence Contest (PFCC) for 2014 will launch on September 7th, with the usual 17 weeks of games, followed by the playoffs (18 long, long, long weeks). So we start almost in the middle of summer and end in the dead of winter.

So, if you are a current member, now is the time to recruit some fresh meat for the 2014 beat-downs. You know, we don't advertise so all new players are strictly word of mouth and by recommendation. We like it t...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 1 of the 2014 Competition
1 Carl Lindecrantz120 15 0
2 Darren Van Cleave120 15 0
3 Scott Biggs120 15 0
4 Dale Lininger120 15 0
5 Jonathan Guseman118 14 1
6 Andrew Pritchett118 14 1
7 Ben Suggs118 14 1
8 Bill Herrmann118 14 1
9 Justin Talbott118 14 1
10 Jake Jenkins118 14 1
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2013 Competition
1 Rich Pollman1241 166 73
2 Steve Friend1235 168 71
3 John Leibold1228 166 73
4 Brandie Carboni1227 169 70
5 Carl Ellis1225 168 71
6 Meghan Weir1217 162 77
7 Greg Story1214 161 78
8 Russell Vannozzi1210 164 75
9 Mike Fuhs1209 162 77
10 Gale Kurtz1202 162 77
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March Madness

For the 2014 Competition
1 Robert Ricks7576
2 Keith Ventimiglia7428
3 Dave Ratzlaff7270
4 Louis Tiberi7234
5 Brian Heath7197
6 Pat Vesper7191
7 Michael Juno7188
8 Cynthia Egbert7182
9 Todd Mogged7177
10 Michael Pence7161
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CFCC Week 2 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sat Sep 6
Picks Entered: 6

PFCC Week 1 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sun Sep 7
Picks Entered: 10