PFCC Week 2: Going Out of Business Sale at the NFL

by: exRegionalWeenie

You better make your PFCC picks soon. Like, right now. This could be the final week of NFL action. Ever.

It seemed like 50% of NFL players were injured in Week 2. When the other half goes down this weekend, there's gonna be no one left to play the games. You can kiss the NFL goodbye. Hasta luego. Sayonara.

Fortunately, change brings opportunity. Check out this snappy tee that I'm going to sell on Amazon real soon. Get 'em fast because I plan to price gouge as soon as pro football ends.

Week 3 CFCC Wrap: Pretenders and Contenders

by: Sugar (September 21, 2016)

Week 3 CFCC is in the books and it once again that time of the contest when the contenders begin to distant themselves from the pretenders. Pretender #1. Florida State. The all-member consensus was 3 on the Seminoles, so dirty-dawgers were cautious, with 134 actually selecting Louisville. Despite the low confidence and about a third taking the Cardinals, we doubt anyone saw that beat-down coming. Pretender #2...Oklahoma. Despite having an incredible record as an underdog at home, Urban Meyer proved he is the real deal when it comes to big games, while Big Game Bob is just, well, Bo...
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The Week 4 CFCC Wrap Up

By The Player To Be Named Later

What a fickle game this can be. One moment you are chewing on grass and winning national championships, the next you are kicked to the curb because your 23rd botched clock management job finally results in a loss. Guess that is what happens when you can only bring home one national title, a bowl game every year, and the highest winning percentage in school history. Sorry Les, you lost two close games, hit the road. We cast off your mediocrity to reach for greatness the way Texas did Charlie Strong, OU with John Blake, Alabama did with Dennis Franchione, Texas A&M did with Dennis Franchione, or Baylor did with Art Briles. Yeah, Briles. He is a good one to get. Ran a program as clean as most of the politicians are in the bayou.

Of course, this news completely overshadowed Notre Dame reacting to a loss at the hands of Duke by firing their defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder. No capital D there, my friend. They allowed the most points ever for a ND squad after 4 games - 149 points. I bet they were wishing they could have their former all-world LB and his imaginary girlfriend. Although Te'o unfortunately shredded his Achilles over the weekend, he would likely log more tackles on crutches than the LBs have this year for the team.

Michigan State laid an egg this weekend, to the painful outcome for a whopping 91% of Dirty-Dawgers that selected them to win. Perhaps as painful was the earlier mentioned LSU loss, where 82% of our predictors foresaw a tiger win. In retrospect, perhaps we should have not included a couple of the blow-outs, Ole Miss (picked by 91%) and Texas A&M (82%) come to mind. However, the dirty-dawg mail servers couldn't handle the complaints of pulling one of those for the heavily contested West Georgia/Albany State game. Tossing in a Div II game has been debated, and perhaps in a few weeks we will revisit that.

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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 4 of the 2016 Competition
1 Sam Lucci330 42 18
2 Aidan Binau278 44 16
3 Linda English-scherer276 43 17
4 Tom Fannin274 43 17
5 Brandon Dunstan266 44 16
6 Robert Stonefield264 40 20
7 Danny Gant262 43 17
8 Jonathan Guseman262 42 18
9 Jeff Ward262 41 19
10 Mike Fuhs258 45 15
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Pro Football

As of Week 3 of the 2016 Competition
1 Nicole Ventimiglia180 30 15
2 Bill Gargan168 29 16
3 Christine Kruse166 32 13
4 Jerry Bailey166 30 15
5 Shawna Cokley164 32 13
6 Jared Lee160 30 15
7 Jared Allen160 29 16
8 Kent Prochazka158 31 14
9 Alexander Overton158 29 16
10 Ej Leche154 29 16
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March Madness

For the 2016 Competition
1 Mike Coyne7797
2 Gregory Forrester7773
3 Bob Wagner7743
4 Rodney Hinson7712
5 Richard Miner7702
6 Francis Kredensor7695
7 Hank Bauer7688
8 Pat Vesper7685
9 Dale Dues7683
10 Steve Beaver7677
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11:00 AM CDT, Sat Oct 1
Picks Entered: 45

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