CFCC Week 4: Announcing New Policies at Dirty Dawg

by: exRegionalWeenie (September 28)

Major changes are being implemented by Dirty Dawg. It's gonna hurt, but it's for your own good.

Many of your picks seem... well... incoherent. Sometimes they're downright bizarre. This past week, two players used their 15 on Maryland (a 17-point dog at West Virginia!). Sure enough, West Virginia trounced Maryland, 45-6. Do you want another example? Despite the fact that the Mississippi State-Auburn game was supposed to be close (Auburn was a 1 and 1/2-point favorite), some players put a 15 on Auburn and others put a 15 on Mississippi State! Wasting your 15 ...
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Week 2 PFCC: Blood and Guts Everywhere

by: exRegionalWeenie

Oh, the carnage. Almost no one was unharmed by the NFL's Week 2 games. Body parts littered the playing field and the Dirty Dawg results were unmentionable.

Damage on the Field
Injuries were everwhere. It wasn't just the bums - a lot of stars went down, too. Even big name QBs such as Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford were injured. Long-time Cowboys stud TE Jason Witten sprained one knee and BOTH ankles. Now that's a bad day at the office.

While injuries caused some impact, the chaos of Week 2 was due to the NFL being the NFL...
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PFCC Week 3 Recovery

By Formerly Anonymous

It was good to see my fellow dirty-dawgers sweep the blood and guts off the Week 2 floor and grab some PFCC glory for a change. Thirty-Five of you rallied for 100 or more points in Week 3… which is some kind of record I’m sure, for a third week of PFCC in 2015. Leading the way was Ricky Garrison of Elizabethton TN and Preston Naden of Rio Rancho NM – both with perfect records this week. Overall standings show Steven Tengfeldt of Monroe NY vaulting into the lead by 4 points, and Bob Fogarty of San Antonio TX jumping 40 spots into contention with a 110 point week. And last, Group play has Tebow’s QB Camp in the lead behind Je Me Souviens. Last week exRegionalWeenie pretended not to know the English translation of Je Me Souviens. Very clever ! Apparently, they don’t know what it means in Quebec either. After 2 years of French in college, I can safely remind my compatriot that it translates roughly to “get that french crap off my NFL Football web page”. That’s right, last I checked, the Montreal Alouettes weren’t on the PFCC game form. ;-).

So, what interesting things happened in the League over the weekend ? You mean besides the Packers and Patriots on a collision course for the Super Bowl ? Well, maybe the Cardinals and Patriots in the Super Bowl. Sorry, nobody else in the AFC looks ready for the leap. The NFC looks like the class of the NFL this year with some dominant teams emerging; including the Seahawks, Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, and Falcons all among the unbeaten. On the flip side of that there are also 3 winless teams – the Lions, Bears, and Saints. So far, none of those teams look to be on the verge of turning it around. The Steelers look done after Ben Roethlisberger went down hard, the Broncos, despite a fortunate 3-0 record, don’t look too impressive with Peyton Manning looking all of his 57 years of age.

Some up and coming teams this year...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 5 of the 2015 Competition
1 Mike Imgarten316 53 22
2 Linda Walters300 54 21
3 Walter Kolczynski300 51 24
4 Phil Nave298 52 23
5 Sam Lucci298 52 23
6 Albert Greenhut294 53 22
7 Becky Pritt294 52 23
8 Michael Primrose294 51 24
9 Evelyn Mccord292 50 25
10 Joseph Dukesherer292 49 26
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Pro Football

As of Week 3 of the 2015 Competition
1 Steven Tensfeldt168 32 13
2 Caiden Orosco164 32 13
3 Mary C Embry162 30 15
4 Paul Witsaman150 31 14
5 Bob Fogarty150 30 15
6 Ej Leche150 30 15
7 Aaron Hill150 29 16
8 Diana Schmidt148 31 14
9 Larry Hopper148 31 14
10 Kathryn Jones144 30 15
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March Madness

For the 2015 Competition
1 Dick Wagenmaker8142
2 Brian Gregory8121
3 Nicole Ventimiglia8118
4 Bud Hazelwood8106
5 Jerry Douglas8102
6 Zaaron Allen8101
7 Albert Greenhut8071
8 Kent Ross8066
9 Nick Webb8057
10 Chris Charters8055
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CFCC Week 6 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sat Oct 10
Picks Entered: 12