PFCC One Cowboy win, one bottle of cologne, two pairs of underwear

by: The Cold Hard Truth

So after a great Dallas win, probably the best win in many years for the Cowboys, backup running back Joseph Randle, formerly a player at T. Boone Pickens University, thought it would be a good idea to go to the local Dillards and steal a few necessary items to celebrate. The poor guy must have gone commando during the game as he later found it necessary to resolve a minor underwear issue. I haven't seen this much action at the Dillards since Zebbie Lethridge Jr., former Texas Tech Red Raider QB was accused of stealing a $13 pair of earrings back in 1995! Today, I ran acros...
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Week 7 CFCC Wrap: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...

by: Sugar (October 12)

The great thing about picking college football games is sometimes you're right, and sometimes you're wrong. What am I right about? I'm right about your school, no matter where it is, and no matter what its history is, can have a winning program. Don't accept those worn out excuses about "you can't get players to come to BFI to play", "coaches get the most out of the players they can get", or any similar garbage used to placate die-hard college football fans hoping one day their alma mater might develop a program to be envied, even if just for a little while. Exhibits one and two...
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Week 8 CFCC: Nothing but the Facts

by: exRegionalWeenie

All three of our regular readers come here for witty recaps but this week we're going to switch our focus. We'll write about the people who make this contest fun - YOU! After all, people are our most valuable resource. Just like they tell you at work. Besides, you're already sick of hearing about Jameis Winston, The Call in the FSU-ND game and rioting hicks in West Virginia.

What do Marty Mullen, John Settelmaier, Alexander Fuhs, Bret Whitlin and Mark Pellerito have in common? Unlike the rest of us schmucks, they're winners. Well, they were winners at least when it came to Week 8 NCAA/CFCC action. All 5 of those guys scored 106 points to lead the pack. Marty and John were both 14-1. Marty is living a charmed life right now because he is also doing very well in the NFL/PFCC contest where he was ranked #2 heading into the week. Marty is ballin.

It was a pretty easy week as 19 additional players scored at least 100 points. The overall average of 77 points was the highest in recent memory, which, in my case, is about 2 weeks. Previous overall leader Michael Boyer of West Hills, CA, lost his Baylor, Florida and Northwestern picks but held on to the #1 overall position. Michael has a 10 point lead over Mike Johnson and Hank Bauer.

HookemHorns had a good weekend. Texas won, OU lost, A&M got killed, there was a Colt McCoy sighting in the NFL and they are atop the Group Play standings. The 'Horns have a 2.67 point lead over The Spectacular Stupendous Florida Dummies. I'm guessing the FL Dummies did not have an enjoyable weekend because the Florida Gators played a game and these guys probably watched it.

Other End of the Spectrum
Now that we're done with all the brown-nosing shout outs, let's look at the bottom of this week's results. There are 471 play...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 8 of the 2014 Competition
1 Michael Boyer510 82 38
2 Mike Johnson500 84 36
3 Hank Bauer500 84 36
4 Kyle Newman496 80 40
5 William Moseley494 85 35
6 Kurt Van Speybroeck492 84 36
7 Derek Schmalle492 81 39
8 Pete Fickenscher490 83 37
9 Chad Entremont488 80 40
10 Doug Nave486 83 37
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Pro Football

As of Week 7 of the 2014 Competition
1 Mr Brown446 71 29
2 Clay Weir408 71 29
3 Marty Mullen402 69 31
4 David Shuler393 68 32
5 Ron Gift392 71 29
6 Andy Patrick392 65 35
7 Craig Shoemaker390 70 30
8 Brandie Carboni374 69 31
9 John Settelmaier373 71 29
10 Don Baker372 70 30
See Full Standings...

March Madness

For the 2014 Competition
1 Robert Ricks7576
2 Keith Ventimiglia7428
3 Dave Ratzlaff7270
4 Louis Tiberi7234
5 Brian Heath7197
6 Pat Vesper7191
7 Michael Juno7188
8 Cynthia Egbert7182
9 Todd Mogged7177
10 Michael Pence7161
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CFCC Week 9 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sat Oct 25
Picks Entered: 76

PFCC Week 8 Deadline:
12:00 PM CDT, Sun Oct 26
Picks Entered: 43