PFCC Marty Mullen dominates the competition in Week 1

by:The Cold Hard Truth

In a week that saw an average score of 26, Marty Mullen from Brunswick, Ohio ripped the competition to the tune of 93 points. Marty has an early 28 point lead over his closest competitor, Alexander Overton from Liberty, Mo. Nick Hampshire from Fort Worth, Jared Lee from Broomfield, Colorado, and Ryan Hamill of Tyrone, Georgia round out the Top 5 dirty-dawgs for Week 1.

Marty only lost the New Orleans-Atlanta game and the Houston-Washington game. Just like Antonio Brown, who delivered a cleated facial to Cleveland punter Spencer Lanning this past Sunday, I'd say that Mart...
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Week 2 CFCC: Early Season Woes and Big 10's Beatdown

by: exRegionalWeenie

Early season NCAA scheduling leaves a lot to be desired, so blame The Man rather than Dirty Dawg for featuring a whole bunch of crappy teams in Week 2 games. Hey, it's not like we're big fans of Toledo, Temple, Navy (the football team), Northwestern, Ohio or East Carolina. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so we did.

(Note: I would have added Central Michigan to that list of junk above but we actually ARE fans of the Chippewas. Well, at least one of Dirty Dawgs' founding dawgs is. He graduated from CMU and was giddy when the Chips won at Purdue, so I didn't want to...
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CFCC Wrap: Upsets Highlight Week 3 Carnage

by: Sugar (September 14)

You know, every year one of our sadistic game selectors here at dd World HQ selects the Iowa State/Iowa tilt for dirty-dawg and every year I get it wrong. Bad wrong. I know it's a rivalry game and I know you can throw out the point spread, but every year I ignore that and put big numbers on the favorite, which is usually the Iowa Hawkeyes. This year, 11 on the Hawkeyes. Dumb, dumb, dumb. You can remind me next year, but I'll probably be writing the same article! The whole thing violates my principle of not putting big points on crappy teams. I also missed Virginia Tech in an obvious let-down game. I also missed Texas Tech, who was run over by Arkansas after I planned on taking the Razorbacks all week. The latter two violate my principle of not putting big points on teams that end in "Tech". And are crappy teams.

Thankfully for me, greatness was hard to come by in a Week 3 that ended with an average player score of 41. It could have been worse. We could have selected the USC/Boston College game and lowered the average even further. You're welcome. As is usually the case, however, it wasn't a bad week for everyone. Andrew Schmidt from PTC, GA (we think that's Peachtree City, but we have an intern looking into the Cracker Abbreviation Guide) scored an impressive 86 points on an 11-4 record to take home Week 3 honors. Ryan Hamill from Oxford, MS finished as runner-up with 82 points, but on 13 wins. 13. Ryan missed his big one though, dropping 15 on the Hokies and lost 4 on the "Gurley Man" Bulldogs. Travis Washington from Shreveport, LA also scored 82, but finished behind Ryan with 11 victories.

David Shuler from Jacksonville knocked off a 72 point week which was good enough to spring him into the overall lead with 264 points. John Keyes from Pocatello, ID and Shawn Thomas from...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 3 of the 2014 Competition
1 David Shuler264 37 8
2 John Keyes260 36 9
3 Shawn Thomas260 35 10
4 Scott Biggs258 36 9
5 Mike Seaman254 35 10
6 Eric Adams250 36 9
7 Travis Washington246 35 10
8 Brent Dugger246 33 12
9 Brian Burleson244 34 11
10 Russell Barker242 36 9
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Pro Football

As of Week 2 of the 2014 Competition
1 Marty Mullen106 22 8
2 Alexander Overton94 20 10
3 Dave Cunningham92 19 11
4 Edward Friend86 20 10
5 Tim Doggett86 20 10
6 Mr Brown84 20 10
7 Jeremy Muha80 20 10
8 Clay Weir76 20 10
9 Andy Patrick76 19 11
10 Brandie Carboni74 18 12
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March Madness

For the 2014 Competition
1 Robert Ricks7576
2 Keith Ventimiglia7428
3 Dave Ratzlaff7270
4 Louis Tiberi7234
5 Brian Heath7197
6 Pat Vesper7191
7 Michael Juno7188
8 Cynthia Egbert7182
9 Todd Mogged7177
10 Michael Pence7161
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CFCC Week 4 Deadline:
11:00 AM CDT, Sat Sep 20
Picks Entered: 18

PFCC Week 3 Deadline:
12:00 PM CDT, Sun Sep 21
Picks Entered: 3