Big Dance Down to Final 4, CBCC to Final 3

by: Sugar (March 31, 2014)

Wow! What a great tournament so far with several games doing down to the buzzer! And guess what? No one is going to win $1 Billion as predicted right here in this very column 15 days ago by your's truly. Nate Silver isn't the only statistical genius around. Ok, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the odds on a perfect bracket and proclaim, "It ain't gonna happen". Especially this year. But, if you are a dirty-dawger it doesn't matter because you still have points on the board.

The bad news is that those points don't really matter unless your name is Robert Ricks, Mark ...
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CBCC Round 1: The Atlantic 10 – A Billion Reasons to Hate Them

By the Cold Hard Truth

What the Atlantic 10 delivered during the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament was pure magic and total frustration – at least from the perspective of this Dirty-Dawg CBCC competitor.

It all started on Day 1 when the Dayton Flyers Vee Sanford hit a layup with 3.8 seconds on the clock to beat Ohio State 60-59. Sure, the Flyers entered the tourney winning 10 of 12 games, but who honestly thought they had a chance against Ohio State. OSU had in most people’s opinion, righted the ship after a mid-year slump. How does the 6th best team in the A-10 win against OSU...
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CBCC Final Outcome: Robert Ricks “Badgers” the Competition

by: The Cold Hard Truth

When I do these write-ups, I constantly have to remind myself that this is not all about me. Rather, it’s about all the wonderful Dirty-Dawg competitors out there. I could brag about “another” Top 10 finish to add to my resume, but that would be self-indulgent and just plain wrong. Of course, my colleagues on the Dirty-Dawg Admin Team would ask, “Cold Hard Truth, we know that you have finished in the Top 10 at least four times – even finishing second once – but have you actually ever won?” My answer, “No, I have never won, but I personally know Robert Ricks from Abita, Springs, Louisiana and he has.“

Actually, Robert not only won, he destroyed the competition! If it wasn’t for Keith Ventimiglia of Eastpointe, Michigan, being 148 points back in second place, Mr. Ricks would have won the 2014 Dirty-Dawg CBCC by over 300 points. That is incredible! So how did he do it? Looking through the numbers, UConn provided Robert with 2132 points alone! University of Kentucky added another 1155 points. That’s 3287 points on just two teams or 43% of his entire point total! Also, possibly an even bigger factor was the 62 confidence he placed on Wisconsin. Very few people had Wisconsin in the Final Four. Robert cleaned up by picking the Badgers. Remember that Oregon led by as many as 14 points against the Badgers near halftime of their second round game. I personally had the Ducks in the Final Four. It killed me to watch the Badgers comeback. Then, Wisconsin came within a point of playing for the national title. Every Wisconsin win put Mr. Ricks more solidly into the driver’s seat. He dominated this contest – possibly like no other Dirty-Dawger ever has! I can say that because no one in the world is keeping records on this. If they are, they have some serious issues!

I also wanted to give a shout-out to #30 Mike Seaman of West J...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 15 of the 2013 Competition
1 Shelby Miller1143 173 61
2 Darren Smith1112 171 63
3 Marianne Sutton1110 174 60
4 Jack Cullen1110 172 62
5 Brian Gregory1108 171 63
6 Jay Pence1105 173 61
7 John Purdy1100 168 66
8 Stephen Storts1096 171 63
9 Larry Vannozzi1092 163 71
10 Matthew Cullen1088 172 62
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2013 Competition
1 Rich Pollman1241 166 73
2 Steve Friend1235 168 71
3 John Leibold1228 166 73
4 Brandie Carboni1227 169 70
5 Carl Ellis1225 168 71
6 Meghan Weir1217 162 77
7 Greg Story1214 161 78
8 Russell Vannozzi1210 164 75
9 Mike Fuhs1209 162 77
10 Gale Kurtz1202 162 77
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March Madness

For the 2014 Competition
1 Robert Ricks7576
2 Keith Ventimiglia7428
3 Dave Ratzlaff7270
4 Louis Tiberi7234
5 Brian Heath7197
6 Pat Vesper7191
7 Michael Juno7188
8 Cynthia Egbert7182
9 Todd Mogged7177
10 Michael Pence7161
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