Round 1: March Madness not that Mad: Jeremy Buckles grabs the early lead

by: The Cold Hard Truth (March 18, 2017)

The first round is in the books and Jeremy Buckles from Strawberry Plains, Tennessee has grabbed the lead with an impressive 1505 point tally. Jeremy successfully picked Middle Tennessee to advance to the next round. I don't know if that's because he's a basketball genius or because he lives in Tennessee and is a homer, but either way, he got it right. The Blue Raiders proved that their 15 seed victory last year against Michigan State was not a one and done deal. They took control early and proved that their 30-4 record was not a fluke. It once ag...
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Joe Kunches Dominates PFCC 2016/Carolina Crushers Group Champs

by: Sugar (February 19, 2017)

Super Bowl 51 was one of the most entertaining championship games in memory, especially if you live in New England. The Falcons were on the verge of making Atlanta great again, and they had all of the Patriot, Brady and Belicheck haters feeling pretty good after scoring (again) shortly after halftime. And then, it all fell apart thanks to collossally bad clock management, a timely Patriot fumble-forcing sack and a couple of Falcon penalties. Or just some Tom Brady magic, however you want to look at it. In the end, Falcon's fans were burying their jerseys they wore during ...
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Welcome to dirty-dawg 2017!

By: Sugar (August 5)

Welcome back dirty-dawgers! It is already August and most of you know that means it is almost the best time of the year, otherwise known as football season. is back with another season of the best football contests on the web. Our contests remain free and come with a heavy dose of sarcasm at no extra charge. Our 18th year on-line will kick off on Labor Day Weekend, Saturday September 2nd with the original dirty-dawg contest, our College Football Confidence Contest (CFCC). If you prefer a more difficult challenge, then you will have to wait an additional week for the big boys to kick off the NFL on Sunday, September 10, which will also be Week 1 of our Pro Football Confidence Contest (PFCC).

The Amway Coaches poll was released this week for the upcoming college season and it looks like something out of 1972. The top 10 teams are the same teams that finished the 2016 season in the top 10, just in a slightly different order. Can Clemson repeat without Deshaun Watson? Their defense is pretty good. Some of my Crimson Tide connections inform me that the talk around Tuscaloosa indicates that Alabama shouldn't lose a QUARTER this year. I guess we will see about that. Does Michigan belong in the top 10 after graduating 17 starters? Is the PAC-12 the surprise conference of the season? Can Tom Brady still play football at 40. Why is the word 'German' never uttered in the movie Dunkirk? Most of these questions will be answered by the time January 2018 rolls around.

The more important questions are, can Aidan Binau and Joe Kunches repeat as CFCC/PFCC Champions? That has never been done before. Will another group other than Bucknutz or Florida Dummies win CFCC group play? Carolina Crushers crushed the competition in PFCC group play last year. Can they do it again? Will they even try? This will all be fun to watch.

So, the group slates hav...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 14 of the 2016 Competition
1 Aidan Binau899 156 63
2 Kenneth Entremont897 148 71
3 Jeri Adams895 148 71
4 Asam Michael883 148 71
5 Nathan Binau870 152 67
6 Steve Friend862 154 65
7 Phil Grigsby856 147 72
8 Brian Walawender855 149 70
9 Rudy Casias853 153 66
10 Cynthia Egbert853 148 71
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2016 Competition
1 Joe Kunches1172 156 83
2 John Zittel1137 163 76
3 Heidi Holland1118 164 75
4 Ted Champney1109 153 86
5 Kent Ross1108 161 78
6 Ben Nelson1106 159 80
7 Alan Rezek1105 155 84
8 Carol Overton1102 154 85
9 Deanna Wolfe1100 154 85
10 Jon Zeitler1089 156 83
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March Madness

For the 2017 Competition
1 Justin Weaver7993
2 Bob Fogarty7959
3 David Broxton7941
4 Mike Lowder7918
5 Brian Boyd7866
6 Jeremy Buckles7863
7 Otto Binau7862
8 Dave Ratzlaff7861
9 Brian Gregory7850
10 Mike Zwier7845
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