Congratulations to Aidan Binau/Bucknutz for 2016 CFCC Championships!!

Entremont/Binau Poised for CFCC Greatness, Super Bowl Blowout Time

by: Sugar (January 4, 2017)

Happy New Year from! We've been through 13 awesome weeks of college football and 24 (mostly) entertaining bowl games but the dirty-dawg CFCC Championship will come down to the National Championship game between Alabama and Clemson. The current leader is Kenneth Entremont from Reserve, Louisiana. Kenneth has 21 points on the Crimson Tide and if they pull off the victory, he will win the coveted 2016 CFCC crown. However, if the new Tide OC screws the pooch against a Clemson team...
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Week 17: NFL (Yuck!) and Jay Pence (Wow!)

by: exRegionalWeenie Jan. 1, 2017

Wow, Week 17 was a real beaut in the NFL. Tom Savage. Brock Osweiler. Mark Sanchez. EJ Manuel. Landry Jones. Matt McGloin. Connor Cook. What do all these QBs have in common?

Eeeeeewwwwww. They all stink (at least by NFL standards). They're all backup-type players yet they all played key roles in Week 17. Heck, even Cardale Jones (yes, that Cardale Jones) and David Fales (no, seriously) got in on the QB action. Combined with the fact that many star players sat out to avoid injury, it made for some tough sledding when it came to making your dirty-dawg ...
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Aidan Binau/BuckNutz Win CFCC 2016!

by: Sugar (January 14, 2017)

Another outstanding college football season is in the books capped by another very entertaining National Championship game which was won by the Clemson Tigers on an exciting touchdown pass with 1 second remaining. Congratulations to Clemson as well as Alabama for another impressive year. No doubt, the Crimson Tide will be the team to beat once again in 2017!

It was also another entertaining CFCC here at with determination of the contest champion coming down to the National Championship game! Kenneth Entremont from Reserve, Louisiana finished 3rd for the Bowl Blowout and those picks had him on the edge of the championship and leading overall heading into the Monday night matchup. However, he had big points on the Crimson Tide and took a big loss on the last second of the game which allowed Aidan Binau to take home the crown by 2 points. Who says those 1 confidence game losses don't matter? Aidan had 1 on Ohio State to finish with an overall score of 899 points on a field best record of 156-63. Very impressive. Typically, the contest winner does NOT have the most wins. And the most impressive thing about Aidan? He is only 14 years old! That's right, we all lost to a teenager from Billings, Montana. And if you think this win was a fluke, you will notice young Aidan already has a silver bone by his name for his 2014 runner-up performance when he was, uh, 12 years old. Most kids want to be doctors or lawyers or Internet millionaires, but we think when Aidan turns 18, he might want to relocate from Billings to Vegas and show the book makers how to do their jobs better! Congratulations, Aidan! I usually say I wish we could buy you a new car or something, but since you can't drive (what is the driving age in Montana??), you will just have to be satisfied with the admiration of dirty-dawgers everywhere, forever!

We had other great pe...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 14 of the 2016 Competition
1 Aidan Binau899 156 63
2 Kenneth Entremont897 148 71
3 Jeri Adams895 148 71
4 Asam Michael883 148 71
5 Nathan Binau870 152 67
6 Steve Friend862 154 65
7 Phil Grigsby856 147 72
8 Brian Walawender855 149 70
9 Rudy Casias853 153 66
10 Cynthia Egbert853 148 71
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2016 Competition
1 Joe Kunches937 156 83
2 John Zittel927 163 76
3 Ben Nelson901 159 80
4 Carol Overton897 154 85
5 Heidi Holland893 164 75
6 Kent Ross888 161 78
7 Deanna Wolfe880 154 85
8 Ted Champney874 153 86
9 Chris Darden874 152 87
10 Jason Hess873 163 76
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March Madness

For the 2016 Competition
1 Mike Coyne7797
2 Gregory Forrester7773
3 Bob Wagner7743
4 Rodney Hinson7712
5 Richard Miner7702
6 Francis Kredensor7695
7 Hank Bauer7688
8 Pat Vesper7685
9 Dale Dues7683
10 Steve Beaver7677
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