Odell Beckham Junior

By Dude

That’s it for PFCC week 12. Odell Beckham Junior.

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Great Catch #2

In dirty-dawg land, it was about the easiest PFCC week in the history of this contest. Eight people went 14-0 with 119 points, sharing in weekly honors. Another 22 went 13-1 with more than 110 points, and the top 50 averaged 103 points. Our overall leader remains Mr. Brown...
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PFCC: Week 11 Winners & Week 12 Help Guide

by: exRegionalWeenie

With an average score of -2, your NFL/PFCC picks were crap last week. I stunk. You stunk. We all stunk. Don't worry, though, because you will do better this week, especially if you read the Week 12 Help Guide later in this article.

Despite last week's dud, there were a few people who did well. In fact, the following people should stand and take a bow:
Steve Listemaa and Timothy Misciwojewski (they co-won last week by getting 57 points on identical 10-3 records)
Mr. Brown of Tomahawk, WI (he didn't do well but still has a huge lead in the overall rankings...
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ATTENTION: Did you enter your Dirty Dawg picks yet? Beware of this week's early deadlines!!

CFCC Week 13: Giving Thanks

by: exRegionalWeenie

Thanks. Thank you. No, really, I mean it. THANK YOU! Your picks for college's Week 13 were so bad that I scored just 6 lousy points yet didn't drop at all in the overall standings. The key to success in life is too surround yourself with losers. I admit that I stunk - but you stunk more. And for that I am very thankful. So, thank you!

Please don't mistakenly interpret the above statements to mean that I'm better than you. You may do so accurately - not mistakenly. Just remember that the problem with being better than everyone is that people tend to think that I am pretentious. (Hat tip to despair.com).

We had a bit of everything in Week 13. A couple of expected blowouts (Michigan State took Rutgers to the woodshed; Baylor over Okla. State) and a couple unexpected blowouts (Ole Miss and Utah were favored but lost big). We had a couple pre-Rivalry Week rivalry games when Western Michigan beat Central Michigan and UCLA took it to USC. Also, last-second field goals were all the rage:
- Illinois used a last-second FG to upset Penn State
- FSU used a last-second FG to eek out a win over BC
- Notre Dame missed a last-second FG to lose to Louisville rather than go to overtime.

Run, Sammy, Run
Wasn't the run game a thing of the past? Aren't running backs going the way of the dinosaur? Well, someone better tell the NCAA. Unless you're a hardcore fan of the University of Oklahoma, you never heard of true freshman RB Samaje Perine - until Week 13. He rushed for a FBS single game record 427 yards against Kansas. Samaje broke the previous record of 408 yards which was set just one week earlier by Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon. If RBs a...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 13 of the 2014 Competition
1 Kurt Van Speybroeck764 134 61
2 Hank Bauer764 133 62
3 Travis Washington754 134 61
4 Jeffrey Overton750 129 66
5 David Rowell746 136 59
6 Doug Nave746 134 61
7 Jason Hansford742 133 62
8 William Moseley740 134 61
9 Tom Schomaker738 131 64
10 Judy Whaley736 130 65
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Pro Football

As of Week 12 of the 2014 Competition
1 Mr Brown761 118 47
2 Bob Fogarty721 120 45
3 Clay Weir683 116 49
4 Cuss Rodder676 112 53
5 Gregory Waller665 118 47
6 Tim Doggett661 116 49
7 Gale Kurtz659 117 48
8 Victor Murphy657 114 51
9 Leah Ostro657 113 52
10 Brandie Carboni655 114 51
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March Madness

For the 2014 Competition
1 Robert Ricks7576
2 Keith Ventimiglia7428
3 Dave Ratzlaff7270
4 Louis Tiberi7234
5 Brian Heath7197
6 Pat Vesper7191
7 Michael Juno7188
8 Cynthia Egbert7182
9 Todd Mogged7177
10 Michael Pence7161
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