Congratulations to 2015 CFCC Champion Albert Greenhut!!!

Geriatric Florida Dummies Dominate Group Play

Bowl Blowout Update: Raberding and Greenhut

by: Sugar (January 4, 2016)

Happy New Year from! We have been on the web since 1999 bringing you the best free sports contests on the web. And we are legal in the state of New York! Unlike Fanduel and Draftkings, it doesn't cost to play dirty-dawg, and you don't get any money if you win? What could be better!

The last week of 2015 was dominated by 24 (mainly) exciting bowl games, culminating with the College Football Playoffs semi-final games on New Year's...
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PFCC Week 12: Thanksgiving Thud

by: exRegionalWeenie

Thanksgiving Day started with a thud for the Philadelphia Eagles when they lost to the last place Detroit Lions 45-17. The Lions' victory wasn't a surprise (over 80% of you picked them) but I doubt anyone envisioned such a beatdown. Philly Coach/GM Chip Kelly jettisoned many of his stars the past two years. Let's check in on Kelly's accomplishments:
Everything Chip Kelly touches turns to poop.

Thanksgiving D...
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Andrew Schmidt wins PFCC 2015!!

Tebow's QB Camp wins Group Comp

Albert Greenhut "rolls" to CFCC 2015 Championship

Geriatric Florida Dummies Group Champs Again

by: Sugar (January 20, 2016)

The second year of the National College Football Playoff is in the bag with the Alabama Crimson Tide taking home National Championship honors after beating the Clemson Tigers in a very entertaining game. No complaints from college football fans this year, and no complaints from dirty-dawgers about a crappy scoring routine either! That makes 1 year in a row for dirty-dawg.

The top 3 finishers for's CFCC rolled right along with The Tide in the Bowl Blowout with all 3 having 23+ points on Alabama in both the semi-final game and the final. In fact, the top 3 players finished with identical 151-69 records overall. But the dawg at the top is one Mr. Albert Greenhut from Evanston, IL! Albert takes the 2015 Gold Dog Bone by 10 points scoringa total of 960 points. Albert climbed 13 spots in the standings after an incredible Bowl Blowout that earned him 19 wins and 242 points. Albert had 24 on The Tide in the semi-final laugher and went big with 23 on The Tide in the final. We don't have new car, or breakfast with the USC Cheerleaders for you, Albert, but you do have the admiration of dirty-dawgers everywhere, forever, and that is, well Priceless! Congratulations on a well-played Bowl Blowout!

Carrying the torch for the fairer dirty-dawgers is dd veteran and overall runner-up, Tina Fausey. Tina is from Dillsburg, PA and has been playing dirty-dawg since it was known as dirty-pup. Tina also put all of her faith into Alabama and racked up 258 Bowl Blowout points on a 19-6 record. She was up 40 places to finish just 10 points off the championship pace and earn that Silver Bone. Great job, Tina!

And the 2015 Bronze Bone goes to Bowl Blowout Champion, Mike Zwier, ...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 14 of the 2015 Competition
1 Albert Greenhut960 151 69
2 Tina Fausey950 151 69
3 Mike Zwier934 151 69
4 Johnnye Peacock930 148 72
5 Jeff Raberding926 152 68
6 Brian Sadler920 151 69
7 Seymour Moseley917 149 71
8 Johnny Vegas912 151 69
9 Russell Barker911 151 69
10 Darone Jones910 152 68
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Pro Football

As of Week 18 of the 2015 Competition
1 Andrew Schmidt1002 158 81
2 Steven Tensfeldt995 158 81
3 Jon Zeitler990 154 85
4 Caiden Orosco980 159 80
5 Ed Calianese975 151 88
6 Martha Hilgeman962 157 82
7 Tina Fausey962 149 90
8 Kenneth Entremont953 154 85
9 John Werner952 153 86
10 Doug Nave950 146 93
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March Madness

For the 2015 Competition
1 Dick Wagenmaker8142
2 Brian Gregory8121
3 Nicole Ventimiglia8118
4 Bud Hazelwood8106
5 Jerry Douglas8102
6 Zaaron Allen8101
7 Albert Greenhut8071
8 Kent Ross8066
9 Nick Webb8057
10 Chris Charters8055
See Full Standings...