PFCC Week 9 Wrap

by: Sugar (November 11, 2017)

We are halfway through the 18 week PFCC season and it looks like we have finally gotten rid of those annoying early-Sunday-morning kick-offs across the pond. And as the college football schedule loosens up up after Thanksgiving, we will be back to a full 15 game PFCC schedule. Marty Mullen, a proud charter member, took home the hardware for Week 9 PFCC. Marty went 11-1, only missing on the Cowboy victory over the Chiefs, while scoring 104 points for the week. That pick makes sense since Marty has been known to hang out in Texas from time to time, which has likely tainted his judgement some. Zachary H...
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CFCC Week 10 Wrap: Dirty Dawg Success Tips

by: exRegionalWeenie November 7, 2017

Winning every game isn't realistic, so the best way to earn Dirty Dawg fame is to make sure your picks don't stink. The cool thing about Dirty Dawg is that your picks can kinda stink - they just need to stink less than the competition. The Golden Rule of Dirty Dawg is to stink less than the rest.

Week 10 winner John Crafter followed the Golden Rule. He tallied 76 points - not bad, but not record-setting stuff, either. John narrowly beat Daniel Luyk (74 points) and John Glueck (72), who took 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. The r...
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CFCC and College Football Homestretch

By Boda


In week 11, we saw that nobody is invulnerable in the playoff chase. Notre Dame went down handily at the hands of Miami (FL not OH) - a fraudulent unbeaten if I ever saw one, Georgia got curbstomped by a resurgent Auburn and future Arkansas head coach Gus Malzahn, and Alabama would have went down if not for Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen's dumbass decision to not play for the win and give Alabama the ball with plenty of time left on the clock. Yes, I'm bitter about that. Oklahoma was inexplicably leapfrogged by Clemson, thanks to the playoff committee's unseemly drinking habits. Auburn, Wisconsin and Ohio State all made a move upward in the playoff chase and could find themselves back in the picture if things fall right. Of course, its November and Big Ten teams are starting to wear the opposition down with their beefiness, before getting embarrassed in the playoff.

Ohio State Offensive Lineman

Wisconsin Offensive Line

This week in dirty-dawg, there more violations of dirty-dawg Golden Rules. Emma Mims did not suck less than the rest of us, nand was in fact, pretty excellent - going 14-1 this week and only missing an ill-advised 1 confidence pick on Notre Dame (for 118 points). Four others were notable for 14-1 records as well (but less points), Nancy Gargan, Sam Binau, L...
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Uptime Report for dirty dawg: Last 30 days

College Football

As of Week 11 of the 2017 Competition
1 Kent Kuyper695 117 47
2 Johnny Vegas683 117 47
3 Kerry Jones681 118 46
4 Josh Boustead675 116 48
5 Becky Pritt675 114 50
6 Linda Lininger673 115 49
7 Linda Ashford663 115 49
8 Daniel Lamb661 115 49
9 Jay Pence659 114 50
10 Brad Bryant658 114 50
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Pro Football

As of Week 10 of the 2017 Competition
1 Jerry Bailey575 94 42
2 Brian Boyd561 98 38
3 Brandon Bigelbach557 91 45
4 Tina Fausey542 93 43
5 Alisha Mize521 91 45
6 Anthony Cavallucci521 91 45
7 Albert Greenhut511 93 43
8 Tim Oram505 89 47
9 Rich Naden503 100 36
10 Judith Bradberry503 94 42
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March Madness

For the 2017 Competition
1 Justin Weaver7993
2 Bob Fogarty7959
3 David Broxton7941
4 Mike Lowder7918
5 Brian Boyd7866
6 Jeremy Buckles7863
7 Otto Binau7862
8 Dave Ratzlaff7861
9 Brian Gregory7850
10 Mike Zwier7845
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PFCC Week 11 Deadline:
12:00 PM CST, Sun Nov 19
Picks Entered: 149