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CFCC Week 12: Sideline Interviews with Last Week's Leaders and Losers

by: exRegionalWeenie (11/21/23)

We conducted midgame interiews with many of last week's scoring leaders. They told us that they were proud of their accomplishments thus far but would focus on playing a full season and try to do a better job at putting low numbers on possible upsets. We also did midgame interviews with some of last week's lowest scoring players. They promised to not quit in the face of adversity, try to win more games than they lose, and keep giving 100% effort. (NOTE: We're short-staffed at dirty-dawg, so we contracted out our interview program to Charissa Thompson. Thank you, Charissa!)

Week 12 CFCC Player Scores
We have played 12 weeks so far this season. Twelve! That means we're down to Week 13 plus the Bowl Blowout. Time's a wastin' so you better make your move right now. Several people made their move last week. Congrats to Monte Oaks on winning Week 12 by scoring 106 points on a 14-1 record. Jeffery Wood took second place last week with 104 points. Michael Barry and Nick Hampshire tied for third with identical scores (102 points, 13-2 record) while Judy Whaley took fifth place. Monte and Nick were two of last week's biggest gainers. Both improved their overall standing by 50 slots!

Home isn't where the heart is... or, at least it wasn't last week. Home teams went 3-12 in Week 12. That poor record is reflected in last week's standings where the bottom "players" Homer Bartson, Homer Picker and Homer Simpson each had the week's worst score of 3-12 with MINUS 50 points. So much for home cooking.

CFCC Standings after 12 Weeks
We have a new overall leader - it's Julie Jones who resides in the mountains on the east side of Albuquerque, NM. Julie has been in the Top 5 since Week 5 and this is her first stint at the top of the heap. Congrats, Julie, on your 15 minutes of fame, and good luck at achieving permanent fame if you can maintain your lead after the next two standings updates are posted. Mark Linhares moved up to second place and is just 2 points behind Julie. Mark has been in the Top 10 ever since Week 2. Sean Poulos and Geoffrey Heidelberger are in third and fourth place. They have the same number of points as Mark, but their won-loss records aren't as good. We have an EXTREMELY CLOSE RACE as these top 4 players are within 2 points of each other!

Jeff Graschel held on to fifth place and he's certainly within striking distance (just 10 points out of first). The rest of the Top 10 include Carol Overton, Steve Beaver, Judy Whaley (up 26 slots!!) , Tom Fannin and Mike Coyne.

CFCC's Latest Group Play Standings
From the Broken Record Department, the top 3 teams in Group Play are Boomerbacks, All in the Family and The Border War Still Lives in KC. Boomer has the #1 and #6 overall players, so it's pretty easy to see them owning Group Play. Meanwhile, the 4th place Florida Dummies have been surging in recent weeks but remain many points out of first place. Maybe the Moseley family is destined to abide by their team's bio which states, "...we are a solid bet to place 4th or 5th in the team standings." Yes you are, Dummies. Yes you are.

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