The dirty-dawg difference is a multi-national corporate entity (Texas is considered a separate country for purpose of this definition) with absolutely no accounting irregularities. At our motto is "You Play - We Pay". OK... so its not exactly the Harvard Business Model - but we do take pride in offering the most enjoyable and challenging sports contests on the web! Forget the spread. Forget the fantasy. At you play the real games with real teams and you play 'em straight up. Who wants to worry about teams winning by certain margins? It's a drag and it takes away from the true spirit of athletics. If your team wins, you should get credit for the win. If your team is a dirty-dawg and loses, you should pay the price.


To be successful at, you have to know your game - and the game within the game. You have to be accurate AND confident. Each winner you pick will be tagged with a factor that represents your confidence on that game relative to the other games in any particular dirty-dawg pack. The winners are important, but the confidence factors rule. Get the game right and you get the confidence points you placed on that game. Get it wrong and subtract the points and forget about making them up. That's the dirty-dawg difference. No sports contest on the web serves up the games like this. Try it and you will never go back to those other dogs.


Disclaimer: Sports Confidence Contests are strictly for entertainment purposes and may not be used in connection with any form of gambling or sports wagering. does not promote, endorse, or condone gambling of any kind. was designed for non-gambling sports enthusiasts. We also do not condone play from your work computer. Your loss of employment is basically your own problem.