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PFCC: Weeks 14 and 15 Update

by: exRegionalWeenie (12/21/23)

Our September goal of weekly article updates for both CFCC and PFCC has again descended into late season once-in-a-blue-moon updates. Sorry 'bout that. In an effort to make amends, this article will be a two-fer special with shoutouts to the top performers from Weeks 14 and 15. And stay tuned because there might be updates for the season's remaining three weeks. Or, maybe not. We'll see.

Sean Poluos is The Man
We'll get to the weekly updates in just a sec, but this first highlight must go to Sean Poulos. The man just can't be stopped. He leads the overall PFCC after Week 15, just like he did after Week 14. And Week 13 and 12 and 11 and... all the way back to Week 3. That's 13 consecutive weeks atop the PFCC standings - wow! After Week 8, we wrote that Sean, "...holds a commanding 30 point lead..." (yes, that's us quoting us). Well, now his lead is 54 points! Sean is definitely having a dirty-dawg season for the ages, especially when you add in the fact that he is ranked 3rd over in the CFCC.

Week 14 Kudos
Emma Mims lives in Heaven, South Carolina, according to her player info page. I wonder if Heaven, SC, has angels? Maybe they're the ones who brought Emma a Week 14 win. Emma went 10-4 with 43 points. Forty-three may not seem special but the average player scored a -17 that week, so there. Congrats, Emma! {Ed. Note: After writing about Emma's location in Heaven, I decided to fact-check her. Low and behold, there is no Heaven in SC according to Google. Shame on you, Emma, for pulling a fast one on us.}

Mike Johnson earned a 2nd place finish in Week 14 with 39 points. Close behind was Phil Stiegman with 37 points. The week's 4th place went to Homer Bartson of Homer, NY, (I'm not even gonna bother) while Monte Oaks claimed 5th place.

Week 15 NFL Scores and Top Dawgs
Bizarre stuff keeps happening in the NFL and Week 15 was no exception. For the third consecutive week, at least one team was shutout (NY Jets). The Jets were one of SIX teams that scored 10 points or less. There's a lot of crappy football being played these days. Refunds should have been offered to those misfortunate enough to attend the Carolina-Atlanta snoozefest with it's 9-7 final score. B-O-R-I-N-G.

The low-scoring games didn't seem to impact us Dawgs, though, as the average player score in Week 15 was a much improved 40 (recall it was -17 the previous week). Top Dawg for the week was Kevin Fitzgerald who went 13-2 with 94 points. Nice job, Kevin! Kevin had many players nipping at his heels. Jerry Douglas and Amanda Fanning were next with 92 points. Cody Mize was 4th with 90 points while the week's 5th place went to Robert Ricks (he also scored 90 but had one less win than Cody).

The Non-Sean Poluos Portion of the Overall Standings
Sean may have a stranglehold on the year-to-date standings but there are still other players having a very good year. The overall 2nd place position is currently held by Dan Valle. Yeah, Dan is 54 points behind Sean, but he jumped 4 places this week and has risen in the standings for 4 straight weeks, so maybe he can make a run at Sean. Or, maybe Sean will be challenged by Jason Runyen. Jason is currently in 3rd place (56 behind Sean) and has pretty much been in the Top 5 for the past 2 months. John Schmidt is currently 4th and has just as many points as Jason, so maybe he can threaten Sean. Don't rule out Amanda Fanning. Amanda is on a tear, having reached 5th place overall after being ranked in the 60's just 5 weeks ago. And who knows, maybe someone in the rest of the Top 10 can surprise us in the end. Those players include Linda Kunches, Mark Avery, Daniel Noirot, Jeff Raberding and Christine Kruse in 6th through 10th places, respectively.

PFCC Group Play Standings
The Hailraisers continue to lead the Group Play standings and have a decent lead over the 2nd place Boomerbacks (the Boomers, by the way, lead the CFCC Group Play standings, so they're quite a... group). In 3rd place we find Padookie Quack Attack.

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