dirty-dawg CFCC Intra-Group Standings

CFCC 2017 Intra-Group Standings
After Week: 2

Group Name: The Florida Dummies 16.0

Description: We are back with all the hunger and fury of Rosie O'Donnell at the Sizzler buffet. We are so old, we have forgotten how many years we have been at this. So, we will say this is our Sweet Sixteen. Version 16.0 of the FL Dummies is a lot like the first 15 versions - dependable and gassy. Yup, we won't struggle to blow out the candles on our sweet sixteen victory cake if you know what I mean. But before a cake, and before our first prom, and before our driver's license and hand-me-down wood paneled station wagon, these 16 year old Dummies have business to take care of. (Matriarch Rebecca will frown that the previouse sentence ended in a preposition.) Ahem, down to business. We plan to win and win convincingly. As always, our secret formula includes knowledge, expertise, experience, vegas lines, Lee Corso, SEC bias, coin flipping, and tailgate Metamucil cocktails. Happy 16th to us!

- New Picks in Database

Group Place Overall Place Player Points Wins Losses PB
1 131 Howie Moseley   (High Springs, FL) 120 21 8 0
2 136 Bill Moseley   (Lake City, FL) 119 22 7 1
3 167 William Moseley   (Davenport, FL) 115 21 8 5
4 173 Mandi Moseley   (High Springs, FL) 114 22 7 6
5 214 Seymour Moseley   (Davenport, FL) 108 21 8 12
6 271 Rebecca Moseley   (Lake City, FL) 99 20 9 21



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