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CFCC 2017 Game Consensus

Week 12, Sat Nov 18, 2017

The following represents the consensus picks for this week's games.  These picks represent the average pick for each game from all members submitting picks this week, as well as from the Top 10 and Top 25 members according to the standings as of last week. Each game listed below is a link to the breakdown for that game.

Game All Member Consensus Top 25 Consensus Top 10 Consensus
Michigan At Wisconsin Wisconsin 7 Wisconsin 8 Wisconsin 8
Purdue At Iowa Iowa 10 Iowa 10 Iowa 10
TCU At Texas Tech TCU 8 TCU 7 TCU 8
Texas At West Virginia West Virginia 5 West Virginia 6 West Virginia 6
Fresno State At Wyoming Wyoming 1 Fresno State 1 Fresno State 1
Georgia Tech At Duke Georgia Tech 7 Georgia Tech 8 Georgia Tech 8
Syracuse At Louisville Louisville 10 Louisville 12 Louisville 12
Navy At Notre Dame Notre Dame 13 Notre Dame 15 Notre Dame 15
Arizona At Oregon Even Oregon 2 Oregon 2
UAB At Florida Florida 9 Florida 11 Florida 11
Army At North Texas Army 1 North Texas 2 North Texas 2
Florida Intl At Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic 10 Florida Atlantic 12 Florida Atlantic 13
Texas A&M At Ole Miss Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss 1
NC State At Wake Forest NC State 2 Even Wake Forest 1

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