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Individual Player Picks 2017

Total dirty-dawgers for the Big Dance: 126

Click on your favorite dirty-dawger below to get a look at their sorry March Madness selections for this year.  If your favorite dirty-dawger is you, and you notice an error in your picks as listed below, please double-check your verification email (you still have it, right?) .  If there is a discrepancy, and you actually think that it is in the realm of possibility that we made a mistake, you are wrong! 

Full Consensus Info

Don Adams Dianna Eickhoff Brad Mickelson John Sikora
Zaaron Allen Tom Fannin Tom Morrill D Simmington
Matt Anderson Bob Fogarty Bill Moseley Andrew Sniezak
Rik Anderson Gregory Forrester Rebecca Moseley Darryl Stiegman
Jerry Bailey John Friend Seymour Moseley Phil Stiegman
Robert Banks Steve Friend William Moseley Robert Stonefield
Hank Bauer Dale Ganus Jeremy Muha Greg Story
Ric Bavin Bill Gargan Ben Nelson Mike Sutton
Steve Beaver Sandra Gaskins Daniel Noirot Ed Tannehill
Otto Binau Barry Goldsmith Matthew O'neill Steven Tensfeldt
Faith Borden Dan Gossin Michael Orosco Charles Thomas
Mike Borden Albert Greenhut Jimmy Orsag Paul Todis
Trevor Boucher Brian Gregory Carol Overton Larry Vannozzi
Barb Mayes Boustead Jason Gribek Teddy Overton Joel Veeneman
Brian Boyd Ken Gribek Michael Pence Jacob Ventimiglia
David Broxton Jonathan Guseman Mark Plate Keith Ventimiglia
Jeremy Buckles Ron Hamataka Cyndi Pulis Nicole Ventimiglia
Brian Burleson Loretta Harral Michael Pulis Pat Vesper
Steve Burrus Bill Herrmann Dave Ratzlaff Dick Wagenmaker
Scott Carpenter Jake Herty Alan Rezek Bob Wagner
Nick Carr Rodney Hinson Robert Ricks Gregory Waller
Chris Charters Larry Hopper Cuss Rodder Justin Weaver
Steve Cobb Eric Jones Kent Ross Rich Webber
Eric Coleman Kerry Jones Jim Rutherford Mark Wiley
Mark Conder Andrew Kennedy Brent Ryder Deanna Wolfe
Mike Coyne Doug Kluck Candise Ryder Jeff Zoltowski
Lee Crowley Francis Kredensor Eddie Sams Mike Zwier
Mark Didrick Joe Kunches Doug Schneider
Tim Doggett Linda Kunches Benjamin Schott
Jerry Douglas Carl Lindecrantz Mike Seaman
Dale Dues Mike Lowder Zach Sefcovic
Brent Dugger Daniel Luyk Bill Shalom
Cynthia Egbert John Martynuk David Shuler

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