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Socially Distanced PFCC Update

by: Sugar (October 14, 2020)

Here at dirty-dawg.com we like to say that football season is the best time of the year. But saying something is the best of 2020 doesn't quite weigh the same as it does most years, does it? We are through 5 weeks of dirty-dawg for 2020 and it's been a wild ride thus far. Trying to navigate positive C-19 tests, cancelled games, postponed games, periodic civil unrest and political bickering has made it difficult on almost everyone. So far, we have been able to keep the contest running, but we know the weekly summaries have been socially distanced. Our masked-up and low-budget operation will continue to do the best we can.

With the disclaimers and excuses out of the way, lets all throw some praise on Barb Mayes Boustead for leading PFCC the last 3 weeks! Barb is currently holding off Tyler Castillo of Corpus Christi, Texas and Matthew O'Neill of Buda, Texas by 2 points. Darren Scherer and Tom Fannin are in 4th and 5th places respectivelly. Darren led PFCC after Week 1 and Tom Fannin led after Week 2, before Barb took over the lead after 3 weeks in. A group of weather forecasters and alumni from National Weather Service Jacksonville, FL, playing under group name "The Teal Curtain" are enjoying a 9+ point lead over Desert Dawgs to lead PFCC Group Standings.

Week 5 PFCC honors go to dirty-dawg veteran Chris Darden from Birminghmam, Alabama going 10-3 with 86 points. And what do you know, occasionally a dirty-dawg founding father enjoys some brief glory. For Week 5 that would be Dick Wagenmaker from Brighton, Michigan finishing Week 5 with runner-up honors with 84 points and a 11-2 record. Dick does tend to score better during weeks that the Detroit Lions don't play.

We already mentioned that Darren Scherer won Week 1. Monte Oaks, Tom Morrill, Zach Sefcovic and Barb Boustead all posted perfect scores to win Week 2. Cyndi Pulis and Tyler Castillo shared Week 3 honors with 90 points each with Andrew Tocci winning Week 4 with 91 points.

Okay, that catches us up with PFCC for a few days. Remember, group play will be closing in 2-3 weeks so make sure to let us know via email which dead-weight players you want to jettison before we close the door on changes. We will get an email out on that as soon as we decide on the week. Otherwise, make sure to keep up with all game changes. We do the best we can to keep up, but occasionally fail miserably. If all of our socially distanced staff members stay healthy, you will see another write-up sooner than later. If we don't, this might be it until the Super Bowl. Either way, enjoy the season and we hope this offers a little distraction from the rest of the world happenings. Thanks for playing dirty-dawg.com!

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