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CFCC Week 3: One and Dunn

by: exRegionalWeenie (10/2/20)

Big Boy football returned (mostly) in Week 3 as the Big 12 and SEC started their seasons. Thankfully, our Week 3 games included Florida, Auburn, Oklahoma State, LSU and Texas. Sure beats picking teams like Eastern Kentucky, Houston Baptist (seriously, did you even know they played football?) and Louisiana. Now we just need the Big 10 and PAC 12 to join in... and for everyone to stay safe.

Week 3 Player Results: One and Dunn
Two Texans - Michael Pulis from Kyle and J.r. Dunn from Rowlett - led the field last week. Both went 11-2 with 91 points to tie for first place. Joe Benzel also went 11-2 but scored 89 points so he ended up being third. We had a 5-way tie for fourth place between Ashley Ravenscraft, Brian Boyd, Ted Champney, Jon Zeitler, and Fernando Salas, all with 87 points. Cuss Rodder and Mark Wiley rounded out the Top 10 scores from Week 3.

Overall Standings after 3 Weeks: Familiar Names
Since we're so early in the season, you would think Week 3 high scorers would place high in the year-to-date overall standings. You would be correct. Michael Pulis is the leader and is just 2 points ahead of Ted Champney. Week 1 winner Michael Orosco is third overall and is followed closley by Aiden Binau and Fernando Salas. There are five more names in the Top 10 but laziness precludes listing them here.

Nuts. I feel guilty. So, here are the remaining Top 10 overall point leaders after 3 weeks: Nick Hampshire, Michael Grover, Raymond Jojola, Mark "Operation" Condor and Chris Charters. There. Now I can sleep at night.

Group Play Standings: Dawgzilla Leads
Dawgzilla leads the group play standings.Their team motto is, "We're ready to take seventh place" but they're in first right now, so maybe they plan to stink the rest of the year. If that happens, teams likely to take over first place include BuckNutz and The Andy Griffith Show as they're in second and third place, respectively, after 3 weeks. Fourth place belongs to MVFRs who are clearly a bunch of weather weenies. Aviation weather weenies. Scurvy Dawgs complete the Top 5 in group play.

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