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dirty-dawg 2018 Kicks off September 1 and 9

by: Sugar (August 11, 2018)

It is time to write the words I wait all summer to write. Welcome Back dirty-dawgers! dirty-dawg's flagship contest, the College Football Confidence Contest (CFCC) begins its 20th season on September 1. Yes, 20 years. For those of you that have been with us since the beginning, you are now 2 decades older! As am I. The Pro Football Confidence Contest (PFCC) will begin the following week on September 9.

Everyone knows that they are due 15 minutes of fame. So, we would like to thank the Joneses of Albuquerque, New Mexico for treating two dirty-dawg directors like they were actually special during an April 2018 visit. And around the same time, this dirty-dawger had a great conversation with Seth Binau, a member of the vaunted Binau dirty-dawg dynasty (and defending CFCC Group Play Champion Bucknutz). Seth told me how dirty-dawg performances of various family members is a big topic of conversation at all holiday gatherings. Turkey, stuffing and dirty-dawg does have a nice ring to it! Anyhow, we appreciate the kind words and royal treatment from time to time and if anyone is wondering, Binau is pronounced (Bee-now). Now we all know.

So here we are facing another interesting college football season. Alabama doesn't have a quarterback. Ohio State doesn't have a coach and nobody outside of Ann Arbor likes Jim Harbaugh. Will Washington be as good as advertised? Will Jimbo Fisher get Texas A & M properly motivated? Will Tom Herman justify the latest UT splurge on an even bigger video board and new suites for disappointed good old boys with deep pockets? There are a lot more burning questions and fun facts, but these are enough to get us started. Wait a minute, one more. Will Scott Frost work his magic and bring back the Nebraska Cornhusker swagger? Time will tell, of course.

For those of you new to dirty-dawg, you need to know that we do things a little differently. Sports Confidence Contests make players not only pick winners of selected football games but also mandate players place a confidence factor on each game. The contest is scored by awarding points for game winners correctly selected and by subtracting points for boneheaded picks. Typically, the player with the most wins for a season does NOT win the contest. See rules sections of this website if you want the complete down and dirty-dawg on how this whole thing works.

While we await the first week in September to arrive, it is that time of year to recruit some new dirty-dawgers. The far majority of new dirty-dawgers comes from recruitment efforts of current dirty-dawgers, so get after it! We will have Week 1 CFCC and Week 1 PFCC ready for all of your expert analysis ready soon. Remember, CFCC starts Labor Day Weekend with the games starting on Saturday, September 1st. The following week, PFCC will begin with the games on Sunday, September 9. Good luck once again this year and thanks for playing dirty-dawg.com!

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