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CFCC 2018 Wrap: Who Can it Binau?

by: Sugar (January 9, 2019)

Another incredible season of college football is in the books and that brings dirty-dawg.com's 2018 College Football Confidence Contest to another close. And to all but about 46 dirty-dawgers' surprise, the Clemson Tigers handed the Alabama Crimson Tide its worst loss of the Nick Saban era in the National Championship game. Now Clemson may have (temporarily) ended the Crimson Tide dominance, the same cannot be said for the Binau family domination of dirty-dawg.com's CFCC! Seth Binau from Clarksville, OH maintained a fairly comfortable lead for the last several weeks of CFCC 2018 and hedged on the championship game with 14 on the Tide. Seth remained in 1st place throughout 14 Bowl Blowout games, but Seth's relative, Sam Binau, also from Clarksville, OH is the 2018 CFCC Champion after roaring from 37th place on 129 Bowl Blowout points to take home the championship. Sam had a big fat 25 on Clemson in the final game to power himself to victory with 817 points. It was a tough year for CFCCers and that is reflected in the fact that 817 points is the lowest winning score ever. Congratulations, Sam. Great pick on Clemson and you will be forever honored by dirty-dawgers everywhere. Enjoy the gold bone next to your name!

Seth did hang on for runner-up honors and earned his first bone, despite being an annual dirty-dawg force. Seth finished with 775 points, 42 points back. The bronze bone for 2018 went to Alisha Mize from Buda, TX, who finished with 762 points and an outstanding 150 wins. Congratulations to Seth Binau and Alisha Mize for their stellar seasons.

Just outside the Top 3 we find another Binau powerhouse, Aidan Binau, owner of the 2016 championship and 2014 runner-up CFCC bones. Aidan plays from Billings, MT and was only 3 points away from becoming just the 2nd dirty-dawger with 3 bones. In 5th place was Lubbock, Texas player Joe Merchant, who finished 2nd for the Bowl Blowout, also powered by 25 points on Clemson. Joe finished with 755 overall points and was up 150 slots after a 152 point, 15-9 Bowl Blowout resume. And speaking of 3 bones, we find that owner, in the form of Oxford, Michigan's Bryan Tilley, in 6th place overall with 753 points, just 9 points from earning an unprecedented 4th bone. Bryan was up 90 spots after a 16-8 blowout.

Pete Fickenscher finished 7th overall and Jeri Adams was 8th. Trinna Patterson from Memphis, TN finished 9th and Mark Didrick of Fort Wayne, IN finished 10th. We always talk about how dirty-dawg is a confidence contest and it is all about the points. However, if your name is Mark and you live in a city that is part of a fort you apparently have an advantage in picking winners. Look no further than the aforementioned Mark Didrick of Fort Wayne and Mark Wiley of Fort Worth who both finished with a contest high 151 wins. While Mr. Didrick finished in 10th place with 741 points, Mr. Wiley finished in 26th place with 689 points. Yes, the confidence factors rule, but congrats to the Marks nonetheless for straight up picking game winners.

For the Bowl Blowout, John Malone from Henderson, TX was the big winner with an incredible 209 points on an 18-6 record. And he had Alabama as the champion. Joe Merchant was the Bowl Blowout runner-up with 152 points. Dale Lininger from Buda, TX finished 3rd with 143 points. Dick Wagenmaker was 4th overall for the Bowl Blowout with 137 points and a blowout best 19 wins. This stellar performance made Wagenmaker the biggest mover for the Bowl Blowout, rocketing 216 spots up to #37 overall. Very impressive Wag! Charlie Woodrum was 5th overall with 137 points on 16 wins.

For the popular Group Play competition, Do We Really Have Time for This? took home the honors with an average score of 676.40 points. They were powered by Buda, TX players Alisha Mize (Bronze Bone) and Matthew O'Neill (12th overall). All in the Family was group runner-up with 650.5 points and the Binau/Schomaker dynasty and multi-year group play winners Bucknutz finished 3rd with 636.56. High Plains Drifters were 4th with 626 points and Morass of Ordinary Effort finished 5th with 612.17.

That's another wrap for the 20th overall season of dirty-dawg.com's CFCC. We hope you all enjoyed the contest and a big thanks goes to the dirty-dawg directors. It takes several dawgs, with other real jobs, to pull this off every season and they know who they are. We'll be back in fall 2019 with another version of the best contest on the web. Have a great winter, spring and summer from all of us at dirty-dawg.com!

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