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Canes/Horns Surge; Tide Recedes in CFCC Week 2

by: Sugar (September 11, 2023)

Drama ran high during CFCC Week 2 with several close games amongst the 15 dirty-dawg game selections. And revenge was served rudely in Miami And (gulp)Tuscaloosa where the Canes stomped The Aggies and their new OC while The Horns finally took down The GOAT and The Crimson Tide a year after losing on a game-ending Alabama field goal in Austin in 2022. CFCC consensus was a relatively low 3 on Texas A&M, but a solid 8 on Alabama. Maybe Texas and The U really are back this year? And you know I have predicted the slow downfall of Alabama for a few seasons now. I think they probably even won a Natty during this predicted downfall. And they may very well go 11-1 and end up in the playoff, but it sure doesn't feel that way this year. They obviously have talent, but it takes more than talent and money and good coaching to keep winning at the highest levels. Why? Because when you are as good of a program as Alabama has been for so long, other teams replicate the talent, the money and the coaching, i.e. the process. Georgia has done it. Ohio State has done it. Clemson has done it. And I guarantee you another team or two has done it as well. We just don't know which teams those are... yet. But I bet a new team makes the playoff this year and perhaps wins the whole thing. Check back on the column in January and we will let you know how that goes. Elsewhere, dawgers took the bait and put a consensus 12 on North Carolina over App State and then held their breath before The Tar Heels prevailed in OT. The consensus was also 12 on Mizzou which allowed Middle Tennessee State to hang around the WHOLE GAME. But all is well that ends well I guess! Oh, and the annual Iowa/Iowa State cornfield snoozer didn't dissapoint.

Despite a tough set of games, the average score for Week 2 was a respectable 76 points. And 2008 CFCC Champion, Cyndi Pulis of Kyle, Texas, took home the Week 2 honors with 114 points on a 13-2 record. She missed only 1 on A&M and 2 on Wisconsin. That's the way to do it, Cyndi! And just 4 points behind Cyndi was 2004 Champion Brent Ryder from Gresham, OR. Brent dropped only one game, his 5 confidence on Alabama. On the other side of the Weekly Standings, Phil Nave had a disastrous -54 point week. Phil managed to miss all of his double-digit selections, save his 11 courtesy of Washington State. Better luck in Week 3, Phil!

Overall, we have a new leader by the name of Geoffrey Heidelberger from Huntsville, AL. Geoffrey had a 98 point week and we are proud of a player from Alabama only having a 2 on the Crimson Tide! Dave Marsalek is in 2nd place up from 4th and Philip McCarthy is in 3rd place overall up from #49. In Group Play, BoomerBacks lead the way with a five-hundredths point lead over Hailraisers. Barksdale McBubble Face is in 3rd place after two weeks.

As always, time marches on and Week 3 CFCC games have been selected and posted for your expert selections. Colorado State takes their stab at Coach Prime in Boulder and Tennessee travels to Florida. Deadline is the usual 11 AM CDT. Good luck in Week 3!

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