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Welcome Back to dirty-dawg 2022!

by: Sugar (August 15, 2022)

Welcome back dirty-dawgers! It's the most wonderful time of the year, football season is only about 3 weeks away! We here at dirty-dawg.com have been busy preparing for our 23rd season online. And if you admire our web design, you know we have been around at least that long. We have to admit it has been a challenging offseason with several dirty-dawg staffers entering the transfer portal. But thankfully no other sports contests wanted any of them, so we have the same crew back for the usual old bad game selections, putting the Raiders back in Oakland and screwing up the PFCC form deadline for those awful London NFL tilts. The good news is our Name, Image and Likeness campaign is finally gaining some traction with Preparation H, Depends and The Statler Brothers showing some interest.

But enough about us. It's going to be another awesome season of football with the college gridiron kicking off the last weekend in August. However, we will wait for the full slate of games on September 3 to get the dirty-dawg College Football Contest (CFCC) under way for another glorious year. Will pre-season favorite Alabama go all the way again this year, or perhaps a Georgia repeat is in the works? Or better yet, how about some new blood in the CFP in January? Whatever happens, the CFCC will kick-off on Saturday, September 3, with games being played through the Labor Day weekend. If you prefer grown men, the Pro Football Confidence Contest (PFCC) will launch one week later on Sunday, September 11.

You all know the routine by now, we hope. You have the next few weeks to create and build groups for both contests and to get them populated with all of the expert handicappers in your social circles. It is also the time to recruit new players to look down on in the standings. We will be back with a reminder or two prior to the CFCC kickoff on September 3. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions or comments and good luck with dirty-dawg 2022.

Please note: if you were the proud winner of a bone in 2021, our graphics department has been suffering from a worker shortage and supply-chain issue. We hope to have the 2021 bones by your name by Week 1.

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