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Welcome Back to dirty-dawg 2021!

by: Sugar (August 14, 2021)

Welcome back dirty-dawgers to our 22nd year online. Yes, our web design is from 2010, but we have successfully administered this contest through world disasters such as 9/11, numerous wars and civil unrest, COVID-19 and Justin Bieber. Like everyone, we were hoping for things to be back to normal, whatever that is, this season, but our friend the Delta COVID-19 variant is having something to say about that. We will forge ahead as we always do, using the great sport of football (the United States version, for you Ted Lasso fans out there) as a way to hopefully unite us all and maybe try to forget about what is going on for several hours on Saturdays and Sundays. We are trying to keep our under-funded and over-worked staff safe, and we certainly wish the same for all of you.

So far, the football schedules for 2021 remain full and we are ready to kick off the 2021 version of CFCC on Saturday, September 4 with the PFCC to follow on Sunday, September 12. College football officially kicks off the weekend before Labor Day, but we will skip those initial games in favor of a larger and better selection the following week. And remember, we rarely play any Thursday/Friday college football games outside of Thanksgiving week.

For now, it is time to get your groups formed and populated. Remember, you have to have at least 5 active players in a group for the group to be included in the group standings each week. Starting July 1, we are allowing all dirty-dawgers to fully profit from their name, image and likeness!

It is also time to recruit the newest members of dirty-dawg.com! There is nothing like crushing your friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers in a contest concerning a subject they know so much about with such an easy concept. We will have the Week 1 CFCC Game Form up and ready for action by Sunday, August 29. Until then, brush up on the latest football news, predictions and scuttlebutt. Good luck with dirty-dawg 2021!!

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