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Halloween Weekend CFCC & PFCC Roundup

by: exRegionalWeenie (11/3/21)

A lot of scary stuff happened on Halloween weekend. Things were so bad that you may not have totaled 50 points combined even if you played CFCC and PFCC. Ouch.

College Stuff
Scary examples from last week? Well, Michigan had a nice lead over rival Michigan State... until collapsing in the 4th quarter. Favored Georgia Tech was lifeless in a home loss to Virginia Tech. Even worse was 7.5 point favorite Iowa State giving up two 4th quarter touchdowns and losing at West Virginia. And if you want true gore, how about 16.5 point favorite Arizona State getting demolished at home by Washington State? Yikes.

Week 9 CFCC Studs & Duds
Radford, Virginia's, Will Perry won Week 9 with 76 points, narrowly edging Anthony Cavallucci by two points. Gary Goggins lives in Alabama so he knows football, so he took third place last week with 72 points. Nice job fellas!

For every winner, there are plenty of losers - and we're about to shine the light on some awful scores. Something went wrong in Tennessee last week because the four worst scores were from the Volunteer State. Darrin Burchette bagged a -34 last week but was outdone by fellow Tennesseans Bruce Comer and Ian McNeil who both scored -38. The Worst of the Week Award goes to Dale Keene and his -40. Dudes, come on!

CFCC Season Standings
Tom Schomaker kept his #1 ranking despite last week's carnage. He now has a 14 point lead over John Allen who is followed by Cindy Boyd and Steve Hiller (both are tied for third place). The overall Top 5 is rounded out by Nathan Patrick.

CFCC Group Play Standings
Things are tight in the group play standings. In fact, the top 4 teams are separated by just two and a half points. Dawgzilla has the lead with BuckNutz, High Plain Drifters and The Florida Dummies close behind.

Let's switch gears and move over to the NFL

There was scary crap in the NFL, too. Just when you bought into Cincinnati being for real, they lost to the hapless NY Jets. The all-mighty Tom Brady lost at New Orleans. The Saints have actually won 3 of their last 4 games against Brady. They appear to have TB12's number which, by the way, is 12. The Dallas Cowboys were playing on the road as an underdog with a backup QB - and yet beat the Vikings. Finally, many of us had to sweat out the MNF game as the KC Chiefs barely slipped by the NY Giants. At home. Sheesh.

Week 8 PFCC Studs
The PFCC winner almost pulled off the rare feat of outscoring the CFCC winner. Ej Leche won the week with a 71. Nice work, Ej! Bob Wagner took second place with 69 points while Alan Rezek and Amanda Fanning were tied for third.

PFCC Season Standings
Mike Murphy is your year-to-date leader in PFCC. We're talking about the Binghamton, NY, Mike Murphy, not the tens of thousands of other Mike Murphy's scattered across every town in the USA. Jake Herty and Scott Overpeck swapped places last week and are now in second and third place, respectively.

PFCC Group Play Standings
WFT or WTF? The Washington Football Team is possibly the longest team name ever used by dirty dawg players. It's also the name of the first place team in the group play standings at mid-season. WFT/WTF has a nice lead over the Tulsa Twisters (second place) and The Passing Wind (third).

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