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CFCC Week 9: The Race is Called - Robert Ricks WINS!

by: exRegionalWeenie (11/8/20)

Non-fraudulent ballots were cast all week, right up until the 11am CST Saturday deadline as the entire dirty-dawg world bid to win Week 9. Observers were on hand to ensure no voting irregularities, so keep your lawsuits to yourself. It was a close race and wasn't decided until the Golden Domers edged #1 Clemson in a double overtime thriller late Saturday night.

Week 9 Winner: Robert Ricks
Landon, Mississippi's Robert Ricks took home the weekly crown. Robert had 79 points in a week which the average player scored just 5. How'd he do that? Well, Robert deployed the 'ol "1 thru 15 in sequential order" trick where he put a 1 on the first game listed (OK State) and went in order all the way to the last game listed (15 on Arkansas). This trick is occasionally deployed during the Bowl Blowout but Robert knew that Week 9 was his time to pounce. This strategy drastically limited his Penn State damage (only had a 3 on the Nits). You have to pick the winners, though, and he sure did by selecting Liberty (7), Colorado in an upset (a 13!) and Notre Dame (his 14 - talk about the pucker factor!).

Other Week 9 Kudos
Dan Dixon had an awesome week (75 points) and took second place but could have easily beaten Robert. It was too bad that Dan wasted his 15 on the canceled Utah game. Remember - no points earned on canceled games! Bruce Comer took third place by brazenly risking his 14 on 3-touchdown underdog Maryland. Bruce, you dawg!!

The rest of the week's Top 10 scorers included Caiden Orosco (4th), Brandon Thorne, Linda Kunches, Jeremy Buckles, Benjamin Lott, Mitchell Gaines, and Dennis Sleighter. Nice job, gang.

Penn State & 2 Other Low Lights
Penn State was more than a 3-touchdown favorite at home yet they screwed the pooch by getting dominated by Maryland. I guess the Terps wanted revenge for last year's 59-0 embarrassment. Jerald Meadows and Hayley Adams were the Penn States of the CFCC. Jerald was next-to-last in the weekly standings with -62 points. He tied for the worst W-L record at 4-10. Yikes. Not to be outdone, Hayley lost EACH of her double digit games. That's right - she lost her 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 AND 15 games to nail down last place with a -67 score. Holy cow.

Shakeup in the Overall Standings
We have a new overall leader. Ted Champney moved up from second place even though he only scored 18 points. Michael Orosco was our previous leader but he had an awful week (-34). Luckily for him, it only cost him 2 places as he now sits in third. Gregory Meffert jumped 12 slots into second place. Steve Beaver and Fernando Salas made big moves, too, as both jumped 14 places into fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Group Play Standings: Dawgzilla Leads
Dawgzilla still leads the group play standings. Their team motto is "We're ready to take seventh place again!" but they need to start losing some games for that to happen. Scurvy Dawgs own second place. Just a sliver of a point separates our third and fourth places teams, BuckNutz and The Andy Griffith Show. Fifth place belongs to MVFRs. Somewhat clearly, they're a bunch of aviation weather weenies.

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