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Welcome Back Big Ten, Mountain West, and a Full Day of Games

by Shudda, Cudda, Wudda

After serving almost two months under an Abundance of Caution and Back-Peddling the Big Ten and Mountain West resumed games this week, and with some Pacific Time Zone teams now playing we had our first 14-hour day this year! Still gotta wait until November 7th (our Week 9) before the Pac 12 gets started. In the Big Ten, Ohio State looked in mid-season form, Michigan had surprisingly little trouble on the road at frozen Minnesota, and Indiana's OT upset of Penn State reminded us that football is a game of inches as the replay officials disected the replay and parts of the football itself to decide that game.

Elsewhere many of our favored teams won easily, but besides Indiana we did have three other upsets--Texas Tech winning at home over West Virginia, Cincinnati blowing out SMU on the road, and San Jose State grounding Air Force 17-6 at home.

For the week, we had CFCC six players with 100+ points, with Dale Parra taking the crown at 108 and Ted Champney at 106. The average score was a not-too-humiliating 62.3. In the overall standings, Ted Champney used his 106 to spring him to #1 this week after drafting behind Michael Orosco for the past couple of weeks. But Ted only has a 10 point lead over Michael, as the two of them have a pretty good cushion over the rest of the Top 10. Ted successfully picked the Indiana, Texas Tech, and Cincinnati upsets--Wow! Way-to-go, Bro!

In group play Dawgzilla (#1) , The Andy Griffith Show (#2), and Bucknutz (#3) lead with way, with Andy and Buck swapping 2nd and 3rd this week.

As we head to Week 8, on paper it looks like a quiet weekend with only one game matching Top 25 teams, with a very-muted White-Out in Happy Valley as Ohio State visits an angry Penn State Saturday night. Good Luck everybody!

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