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Week 12 Combo Wrap for CFCC and PFCC

by: exRegionalWeenie (12/3/20)

Week 12 was the longest week of football we've ever seen. It began with early deadlines and lots of Thanksgiving over-eating, then descended into chaos with a record FIVE cancellations of our 15-game college slate. The week ended on the following Wednesday night when the Ravens-Stillers game was FINALLY played. You waited and waited to learn your CFCC/NCAA scores...and waited even longer to see how your PFCC/NFL scores fared. Many familiar names filled the leaderboards once the dust settled. We'll look at the college heroes first before recognizing the NFL winners.

Week 12 CFCC Stars: Woodrum, Douglas and Dunn
Shreveport, Louisiana's, Charlie Woodrum won the week by netting 77 points on a 9-1 record losing "just" his 14 game. Congrats, Charlie! Jerry Douglas also went 9-1 and only lost his 11 game, yet he lost to Charlie by 10 points. What?!?! That's not a typo. Charlie smartly used his 1 through 5 ranks on all 5 canceled games but Jerry used medium ranks on those same games. Remember - canceled games don't count so any points you put on those games can't count toward your score. Texan J. R. Dunn was tied with Jerry for second place with 67 points. Fourth place went to Dan Spaeth while two other Texans tied for fifth as Pat Vesper and Tim Garner both scored 61 points.

CFCC Season Standings: Stability at the Top
The Top 3 players heading into Week 12 made it through the week unchanged. The contest leader remains Mark Didrick and he's still followed by Steve Beaver in second place and Matt Hemingway in third. The overall Top 5 is rounded out by Larry Vannozzi and Tom Dang.

CFCC Group Play Standings: Separated by a Sliver
The Top 3 teams in group play are CLOSE - they're separated by just 2 points! At the moment, BuckNutz (comprised of Dirty Dawg's First Family - the Binau's) has the lead. The MVFRs and the Padookie Possum Trotters (wth?) are second and third, respectively.

...And now, onto the NFL...

Week 12 PFCC Studs: Avery Labeled #1
Glasgow is a tiny outpost in Montana with just 3,000 people. One of those people is Week 12 PFCC winner Mark Avery. Mark went 13-2 with 96 points - nice work! Ray Sondag and Loretta Harral had nice weeks, too, as both scored 88 points to tie for the week's second-highest score. Gregory Meffert and Steven Tensfeldt were close behind in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

PFCC Season Standings: O'Neill Maintains Large Lead
Matthew O'Neill had a mediocre week by scoring just 50 points in a week where the average score was 54. That was enough, though, for him to maintain a large lead in the year-to-date standings. One of the week's high scorers, Steven Tensfeldt moved up three slots and now holds onto second place. Barb Mayes Boustead slipped a notch into third place and is clinging to a one-point lead over Jonathan Guseman. Jonathan moved up three places and forced Greg (Wally) Waller down one slot into fifth place overall.

PFCC Group Play Standings: More Padookies
Leading a field of just 12 other competitors isn't typically such a great feat, but it's enough to get you mentioned on dirty-dawg.com. The Padookie Quack Attack holds the lead position. They appear to be highly correlated with a top CFCC team mentioned earlier - the Padookie Possum Trotters. Covid yur (sic) taters hold second place with a healthy lead over the BoomerBacks.

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