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CFCC Week 10: COVID 15 Rather than COVID 19

by Shudda, Cudda, Wudda

It's absolutely great to have college football. The headlines most of the week were how many games had been called off due to COVID--15 games!!! We'll call it COVID 15. Ok, there we lost 15 games, but there were 44 that we played--about 75%. So get a life all you Glass is 1/4 empty people!; we had 3/4 of the games. However, I'm glad that these 15 games were not our 15 CFCC games.

There is one thing I'm still waiting for--the Conference Commissioners to address a contingency for if a team can't play in a championship game. They all seem very confident that the December 19th Championship Games will be played--have the back-alley payoffs already started?

Ok--enough of that--sorry. This week we actually had a docile week with only two mild upsets--Nebraska held on to beat Penn State in Lincoln, and Miami held on to beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. We lost two of our games due to COVID, leaving us with 13 games. Of those, we had four players who went 13-0. With the points not counting in these games, the highest possible score was 117, exactly what Dan Spaeth, Paducah, KY, and Matt Hemingway, Shreveport, LA scored.

Highlights of our games--man, how good is Indiana? Blanked Michigan State, 24-0--up to AP #9 now. Of the teams that might be flat on Saturday (Notre Dame after the big Clemson win and Florida after the big Cocktail Party win), neither team had any real issues with Notre Dame beating Boston College on the road, and Florida scoring at will on Arkansas.

In the overall standings, we have a few leader, Steve Beaver, Plymouth, MI, who moved from #4 to #1 this week, and has slowly reeled in the field, after starting in Week 1 at #96. Greg Meffert, Paducah, KY holds at #2, and Ted Champney who held #1 last week slid to #3. With Matt Hemingway's clean sheet this week, he blasted up from #33 to #6.

In team play, the Scurvy Dawgs elevated to #1 this week, with The Andy Griffith Show and Bucknutz sliding up one slot each to #2 and #3, respectively. Dawgzilla, last week's #1 started making their move toward "We're ready to take seventh place again!", by sliding back to #5. Padookie Possum Trotters has moved up into #4.

Next week, let's hope for better health with a real test (and how!) for Indiana as they travel #3 Ohio State, #10 Wisconsin visits #19 Northwestern, and Bedlam ensues in Oklahoma as #14 Oklahoma State travels to #18 OU. Stay safe--matter of fact, just stay home and watch these great games! Take care.

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