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PFCC/NFL - Week 17 Wrap & 15 Minutes of Fame for Paducah

by: exRegionalWeenie (1/1/20)

Somehow, 17 weeks of NFL have already come and gone. Seems like it was just Labor Day weekend and we were getting ready for a whole new season, and now another year is shot in the books. All that remains is the Super Bowl Blowout. More on that later. But first...

...Week 17 Shout-outs
Peachtree City's John Schmidt took the crown for the Week 17 finale by grabbing 88 points. Not bad, John, especially in a week when the average score was 26. I guess you could say that John was the HIC (Headman-in-Charge) for Week 17. Jeffrey Overton had a nice week, too. He took second place with 80 points and was followed by John Martynuk (third), Alexander Overton (yes, another Overton; fourth) and Paducah's Pat Spoden (fifth). The rest of last week's Top 10 included Eric Seymour, Tom Morrill, Sean Poulos, Don Baker and Marty Mullen. Interestingly - or maybe not - each of those guys scored exactly the same (70 points).

Overall Standings after Week 17
Fort Wayne's Jane Banks took the lead in the year-to-date standings a week ago and held her position this past week. In fact, she added 4 points to her lead over Jeff Frame and Jerry Bailey who are both 20 points behind the leader. Paducah's Sean Poulos is in fourth place...while Paducah's Gregory Meffert is fifth overall. Hey, what the heck is in Paducah's water these days??

Group Play Standings
Ok, now we really need to test the water in Paducah. You know why? Check out the Group Play standings. The Padookie Quack Attack bills themselves as "A group of meteorologists from Paducah" and we find them doing really well at season's end. No, they're not in first place, but they are in second. As well as they're doing, we don't think they can advance further because they're 33 points behind the Hailraisers. This group of Penn Staters continued their multi-week dominance of first place and looks unbeatable heading into the Super Bowl Blowout.

Super Bowl Blowout Picks are due January 4
You stuck it out for 17 weeks and now it's time for the easy stuff. Now you just have to enter confidence factors for the 12 remaining playoff teams. Put a 12 on the team you think will win the Super Bowl and a 1 on the team you think has the least chance. For every game each team wins, you will get those points. Points are multiplied by a given factor depending on how deep into the playoffs the win occurs. Good luck and THANKS FOR PLAYING PFCC this year!

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