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Doug Schneider, Boomerbacks, LSU Basking in CFCC Glory

by: Sugar (January 21, 2020)

After a week to contemplate one of the most dominant seasons in college football history, it's time to shout out some dirty-dawg kudos after another outstanding contest. Some experts have called LSUs 2019 season and eventual National Championship one of the best seasons ever by one of the best teams ever. And that's hard to argue with. It was fun to watch Joe Burrow sit back and pick apart defenses. And Joe sets a great example for future players. He doesn't run around with his index finger in the air, pound his chest, taunt opposing players or their fans. He just goes out there and does his job and then goes back to the sideline. He never even gets that excited about anything. And how about Ed Orgeron (Geaux Tigas)? He was last choice to be the LSU head coach after attempts to lure Jimbo Fisher and Tom Herman fell through. Not a bad season for a transfer QB and last chance head coach. And just to brag a little about the dirty-dawg gurus, we predicted in one of the first articles of the year that it just seemed like it was time for another team to win the CFP Championship this year that isn't named Alabama or Clemson. Yeah, yeah, we didn't give any good reasons and we didn't name the team, but how many dawgers agreed with that statement back on Week 1? And while the great one has proven time and time again to never count him nor his team out, I think Nick Saban and Alabama's dominance of college football is over.

Enough of the formalities. Let's get on with the praise. Doug Schneider from Talbott, TN is the 2019 CFCC Champion! Doug finished with a whopping 1188 points and a record of 167-68 for the 15 week CFCC season. Doug started the Bowl Blowout in 2nd place and went 18-7 in the Bowl Blowout correctly selecting both playoff games and the eventual National Champion. Doug had a dominant season. He worked his way into the Top 5 players after Week 5 and was never worse than 3rd place from Week 7 on! That's consistency right there, dawgs, and a great example of how it is done. Congratulations, Doug! I wish we had a new car, or even a lousy t-shirt for you, but the admiration of dirty-dawgs everywhere, along with a coveted Gold Bone next to your name, will have to suffice.

Veteran dirty-dawger Ray Sondag is the 2019 Silver Bone winner and CFCC runner-up. Ray went off on the Bowl Blowout, winning the week with a blistering 22-3 record and 268 points. And perhaps more impressive is that Ray used the 1-25 method in the Bowl Blowout by risking 1 on the first game, 2 on the 2nd and so on, which means he had 25 points on the CFP Championship game, knocking down 50 points with LSU. Players that try the 1-25 method typically end up going down in flames, but when you pick 22 out of 25 correctly, it helps turn the tide in the other direction. In fact, Ray finished only 6 points behind the winner with a total of 1182. Great job Ray and well deserved after many stellar years as a dirty-dawger. Congratulations!

We turn to High Springs, FL for this year's 2019 Bronze Bone winner. Dean Moseley, a member of the vaunted Moseley dirty-dawg Dynasty, also finished with 1182 points to tie Ray Sondag, but settles for third place due to his 2 fewer wins. Dean had an interesting trip to 3rd place by improving his position every week, except between Week 12 and Week 13! He had the 348th best record after Week 1 and sets a great example of how a slow start doesn't mean much when all is said and done. Dean had a stellar Bowl Blowout going 20-5 for 230 points. Great comeback, Dean!

Other stellar performances for 2019 include Lacy Dunn from Rowlett, TX, who finished 4th with 1178, just 4 points out of the bones. Caiden Orosco from Colorado Springs was 5th and Howard Shuler from St. George, SC was 6th. Last year's 2018 Bronze Boner, Alisha Mize, from Mountain City, TX had another great year finishing 7th overall. Very impressive two-year performance, Alisha! G. Wayne Baggett from Friendswood, TX was 8th while the pride of Claremore, OK, Teddy Overton and Mr. Weeki Wachee, FL, Gary Petti, rounded out the Top 10. Excellent performances all around.

We always tell dirty-dawgers that wins don't really matter, but we still like to recognize those with stellar record years. The best record honors for 2019 goes to Brett Williams with 172 wins, followed by Howard Shuler and Carl Lindecrantz with 171 each. Brett finished 12th, Howard 6th and Carl, ahem, 174th. Carl had issues with his confidence factors, which just goes to show you that if a dirty-dawg vet like Carl can have problems, we all can! Still, a stellar season for those 3 dawgs. How about past champions you ask? The 2006 champion, Derek Eisentrout finished 15th, while Cyndi Pulis (2008) was 67th and last year's winner Sam Binau was 114. Finally, our 2014 winner Roger Bryan finished in 149th place.

For the Bowl Blowout, we already mentioned Ray Sondag's winning performance. Just 14 points back was Brad Mickelson with 254 points to take runner-up honors. Greg Waller (2012 Bronze) finished 3rd with 247 points on a red-hot record of 21-4. Michael Berry (247 points, 20-5) and Derek Eisentrout (246, 21-4) finished in 4th and 5th place respectively.

And finally, bringing some college football champion redemption to the word "Boomer", BoomerBacks is the 2019 Group Play Champion, winning with an average of 1104.25 points. BoomerBacks was powered by #9 overall, Teddy Overton. BB won easily over 2nd place runner-up All in the Family, which finished with 1070.24 points led by #10 overall Gary Petti. Third place in Group Play for 2019 goes to multi-year group champion The Florida Dummies (Resurgence). We hope everyone enjoyed group play once again this year and were able to benefit from some side bets and bragging rights even if they weren't in championship running.

That's a wrap on another outstanding CFCC here at dirty-dawg.com. Meanwhile, we are in a two-week wait to crown a new Super Bowl Champion as well as a new PFCC Champion and don't forget the best College Basketball Tourney contest on the web coming in March. And of course we will be back here in August for another exciting season of dirty-dawg.com to celebrate the best time of the year. From all of here at dirty-dawg.com World HQ, thanks for playing!

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