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CFCC Update: Down to Two Teams and Two Players

by: Sugar (January 6, 2020)

Happy 2020 from dirty-dawg.com! This marks the 4th decade of dirty-dawg greatness (first appeared on-line in 1999!!).

Louisiana (the one from Monroe) topped Miami (the one from Ohio) Monday night in, what we think, was the last bowl game of the 2019 season. And it was another entertaining run with several close games, but very few surprises. Minnesota had a big program win over Auburn and Utah laid a big egg in the Alamo Bowl, but otherwise it was a pretty straight-forward bowl blowout event, much to the chagrin of the dawgers that rolled the dice on a bunch of upsets.

Chris Charters, from lovely Owosso, Michigan is leading the pack after 24 bowl games with 220 points and a 19-5 record. However, many dawgs are just a few points off the leadership pace and huge swings can, and probably will occur, after the CFP National Championship game where double confidence points are on the line. Either way, great job Chris on navigating the first 24 bowls with expert precision. Ray Sondag and Luke T. (Luke is apparently in the witness protection program) have an incredible 21 wins each so far in the Bowl Blowout. Very impressive Ray and, whatever your name really is.

So, we are down to one big, big game and the only thing for sure is that the Tigers will win. LSU and Joe Burrow absolutely destroyed Oklahoma, by halftime, deflating the 15 dawgers that actually thought Joe Burrow would oversleep for the game, or otherwise suffer some sort of Heisman jinx. To be fair, Burrow and LSU would have destroyed almost any other team that they would have faced as well. There were clearly 3 great teams this year and then there were the rest. Clemson and Ohio State was a treat and although a cliche, it is too bad one of them had to lose. In the end, Dabo's and Trevor's experience trumped their worthy counterparts and they were able to scratch out a close victory. So, Clemson and LSU meet on January 13 for the CFP National Championship. We asked our director of IT services to run both scenarios forward but we found out he quit before the holidays. So, after some quick calculations on a Whataburger napkin, we determined that Doug Schneider (currently in 2nd place) will take home the Gold Bone if LSU wins and Andrew Kennedy (9th place) will receive the glory with a Clemson victory. Good luck to Doug and Andrew. This may be your 15 minutes of fame. We do need to recognize that Alisha Mize, last year's Bronze Bone winner is currently leading the contest, but with only 1 on LSU, she won't be bringing home the gold. Very impressive nonetheless. Brett Williams, who led the contest for the last several weeks has slipped to 4th place, but still has the most wins with 172. That's 2 better than Howard Shuler and Carl Lindecrantz, guaranteeing Brett best record honors for the season. Brett picked the Buckeyes to win it all, thus ending his chances to win the overall contest. Great season for Brett anyhow!

Boomerbacks have a commanding 18 point lead over All in the Family in Group Play. The napkin wasn't big enough to make the group calculations, but it looks like Boomerbacks will be tough to catch. Enjoy the CFP National Championship Game and we will be back here with a final wrap-up shortly after the game.

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