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by: Sugar (December 19, 2018)

We are down to just 2 weeks in the long, long, long PFCC season. The crappy bowl games are also under way in the CFCC awaiting the real games, those of the Bowl Blowout, which begin on December 26. We are way overdue for a brief look at PFCC greatness, so here we go.

With 15 weeks in the bag, we have a tight race at the top of the standings, led by Gary Petti of Weeki Wachee, FL. A fun fact about Weeki Wachee: the population is 12. So 1/12 of the population of Weeki Wachee are dirty-dawgers! We are pretty proud of that. Anyhow, Gary holds a 9 point lead over Kent Ross of Vancouver, WA and Mark Didrick of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lurking in 4th place and just 27 points back is dirty-dawg veteran, powerhouse and 2000 PFCC runner-up Bryan Tilley of Oxford, MI. dirty-dawg warning: Mr. Tilley is coming to get you dawgs! In 5th place we find Mike Johnson of Bartlett, TN while Asam Michael from San Antonio is in 6th. Melissa Harral, Ed Tannehill, Jane Banks and Loretta Harral round out the Top 10. You read that right, we have two Harrals in the Top 10. Another dawger to keep an eye on is down in 13th place, where we find double-bronze boner John Leibold just 37 points off the leading pace.

The average score for Week 15 was a woeful 7 points. But Zach Sefcovic managed 72 points on a 12-3 record to take home the Week 15 championship. Robert Banks and Ben Nelson finished 2nd and 3rd. Chris McKinney was the big stud during Week 13 with a total score of 92 points, while Eric Jones was the Week 14 winner with 62 points. Congrats to Chris, Eric and Zack for awesome weeks.

Going up 4 the TD continues to hold a commanding lead in group play with an average score of 674.40. Hailraisers is 2nd with 650.5 while Boomerbacks is in 3rd with 615.33.

We have another early Saturday deadline for Week 16 PFCC, so watch for that and remember that Week 14, otherwise known as the Bowl Blowout, is due on December 26. Enjoy the remainder of dirty-dawg 2018!!

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