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PFCC 2018 Wrap: Gary Petti/Going Up For the TD Claim Crowns

by: Sugar (March 16, 2019)

The dirty-dawg directors apologize for the time lapse between the end of the PFCC and this season summary. Our senior writer fell asleep during Super Bowl 53 and just woke up! It's pretty sad when the most exciting thing about the game was Maroon 5 at halftime. And the commercials. Oh, and Tom Brady led New England to another Super Bowl Championship. Hey, we love dynasties here at dirty-dawg.com, but this was a yawner, no matter how you look at it.

But, thanks to the PFCC, the longest of the dirty-dawg contests, the Super Bowl Blowout was anything but a yawner with just 17 points separating the final three bone earners, and a whisper-thin 7 points separating the Super Bowl Blowout (SBB) itself!

Gary Petti from Weeki Wachee, Florida is the 2018 dirty-dawg.com PFCC Champion! Gary hung around the top of the standings most of the season and was sitting at #2 going into the Super Bowl Blowout. Gary notched 256 SBB points to take home all of the PFCC glory for 2018 with 1171 points. Congratulations, Gary. Enjoy the Gold Bone for the rest of your dirty-dawg career and you will have the respect of dirty-dawgers everywhere, forever.

Mark Didrick of Fort Wayne, Indiana is the 2018 runner-up, finishing with 1165 points, just 6 behind Gary. Mark notched 251 SBB points to claim second place and his first dirty-dawg bone. Congrats, Mark! Asam Michael also gets a bone, finishing 3rd overall with 1154 points and a stellar 262 SBB points. The rest of the Top 10 includes Mike Johnson, who was only 3 points out of 3rd place. Some earlier week, probably during graveyard shifts, a bad 2 confidence pick sealed Mikey's boneless fate. John Leibold, who owns 2 Bronze Bones (2013, 2017) finished in 5th place, while Kent Ross wrapped up in 6th. Last year's Silver Bone winner, Linda Kunches had another great year with a 7th place overall finish. Jane Banks, Ed Tannehill and Melissa Harral round out the Top 10 performers for 2018. Great job all!

For the SBB itself, we saw one of the tightest races in a long time with Lori Orosco, from Colorado Springs, Colorado finishing at the top of the standings with 290 points. When you have 12 on the Super Bowl winner and 11 on the runner-up like Lori did, it helps your score. A lot. But, it took some premier confidence placement on the other teams as well as only 7 points separated all of the Top 10 SBB finishers. Congrats, Lori! Joe Baskin from Lorena, Texas, wound up as runner-up by one lousy point at 289. Those 1 confidence picks during the season can come back to bite you! Joe also had 12 on New England and 11 on the Rams. Chris McKinney was 3rd, 2 points back. The 9 he put on LA was the difference. Robert Stonefield had the right confidence factors in the right place and finished 4th overall. Jeff Vitale was 5th and had 11 and 12 on the Super Bowl teams, but in the wrong order. Jeff's name would be at the top otherwise. Bill Gargan, Chuck Wolfe, Cindy Boyd, Stephen Bilodeau and LCH Harrall were the other Top 10 finishers for the SBB in order.

For Group Play, it is always a long slog in the PFCC. Lot's of weeks. Early games across the pond. It isn't easy keeping a team on track for about half the year. So, let's all congratulate Going Up 4 the Touchdown, which took home the 2018 Group Play championship with an outstanding average score of 1057 points. Not far behind was Hailraisers with 1051.83 points and several points off the championship pace, but still good enough for 3rd place was perennial group play powerhouse, Boomerbacks at 999.22.

We hope you all enjoyed the 20th year offering of the PFCC. We have been around so long that some of the founders of this whole deal are getting close to retiring from their real jobs and will be able to put more time into something more productive and enjoyable! In the meantime, don't forget the College Basketball Confidence Contest coming very soon and then we will be back in September for the marathon dirty-dawg contest, PFCC 2019. Have a great spring/summer from all of us at dirty-dawg.com!

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