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CFCC Week 2: Blowout Nailbiter Week

by: exRegionalWeenie September 10, 2018

As much as dirty-dawgers love college football season, you gotta admit that September isn't the best month. There's just way too many mismatches, Davids vs Goliaths and complete blowouts.

Week 2 gave us many of these buzz kills. FBS Power 5 teams lined up against William & Mary, East Tennessee State, Wagner, Lamar, Savannah State and the list goes on. The latter two were real treats last week. Not only were both teams shut out by Texas Tech and Miami, respectively, but they both lost 77-0. I mean, seriously, why bother? But I suppose we'll keep getting these crappy games if we keep watching and attending them.

Fortunately we had some interesting games last week, too. Kansas football won. Let that sink in. Even better, Kentucky ended a 500-year losing streak to Florida - and it happened in The Swamp!

We had some nailbiters, too. Almost no one cared about this game, but Purdue lost 20-19 to Eastern Michigan. Losing at home to a directional school? Not good. In a game we did care about, heavily favored Clemson had to hang on late to avoid an upset at Texas A&M. Another one of our games that had us crappin' cinderbl bricks was Colorado and Nebraska. The Buffs dramatically took the lead in Lincoln with just 1 minute to play and then had to snuff out a Hail Mary on the final play to win. Whew!

Week 2 Studs and Studdettes
The Week 2 winner was Dick Wagenmaker. This is probably a good time to remind everyone that Dick is a dirty-dawg founding father. Congrats, Dick, on your 80-point big W! Dick edged Zachary Berg and Johnnie Powell, both of whom had 78 points. The remaining members of Week 2's Top Five were Germantown, TN's, Kati McNeil with 74 points and Pocatello, ID's, John Keyes who had 64 points.

Overall Standings
Will Perry had another nice week - enough to jump 5 places and into the overall lead. The rest of the Top Ten features five sets of ties. First, we have Ryan Husted and Dale Lininger tied for second place with 104 points. The next two players are tied for fourth place with 100 points: Jared McKinney and Kurt Van Speybroeck. Dick Wagenmaker and "Mr. Red" both have 98 points and are tied for sixth. The others are John Glueck, Emma Mims (8th), Anthony Cavallucci and Kendrick Peters (10th place tie).

Group Standings
Au Gratin Potatoes are in first place in the group standings. They have a 5-point lead over Morass of Ordinary Effort (no idea what this refers to but love the creativity!). Group Play powerhouse Tulsa Twisters are in third followed by Padookie Reeks and Memphis Procrastinators.

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