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CFCC Week 13 Seth Binau maintains his lead

by:The Cold Hard Truth

You leave the article writing to friends and next thing you know, we're posting images of Yoda and beards. However, thankfully I am back to make some sense of Week 13 of the CFCC.

This past week in North Carolina, a man shot his son at Thanksgiving over a heated argument about NFL athletes kneeling during the National Anthem. Then,in almost as shocking an event, Kellen Mond, Aggie QB, inadvertently touched his knee to the ground while picking up a fumbled snap in regulation of the A&M/LSU game, and next thing you know, the game is headed for 7 overtimes and the SEC is scoring points like the Big 12. In the end, the Aggies got the win in one of the best games I've seen in recent memory. Yes, I had 13 points on LSU, which could have produced a magical week for yours truly. However, we just have to appreciate a crazy game like that, whoever wins.

Speaking of crazy, do you want to know what makes me crazy? That's right - the annual build up Ohio State campaign. A convincing 62-39 victory "over the nation's best defense." "They finally played with the passion we know they have." "This is not the same football team that struggled with Indiana and Maryland." It happens every year. Call it what you want - ESPN sports hype, campaigning, or politics. The bottom line is they don't belong. They lost 49-20 to Purdue in a game that wasn't that close. They should have lost to Maryland, giving up 51 points to them. That wasn't way back at the beginning of the year. It was two weeks ago. We can't be bashing Oklahoma's defense and not bring up the Buckeyes too. I have to believe this is all about money. How could we possible not have a playoff without the Big 10? I have an idea. How about next year they field a team that is good enough to compete. Then we won't have to lie about it and say they deserve to be there.

Let's build up another team instead, Last year UCF went undefeated. They hung a championship banner and people went nuts. Now they have won 24 in a row! This last victory without their starting QB for 3 quarters. My prediction - they are good enough to win out without him. Let's hang another banner this year.

The Pac 12 - absolutely lousy. With Washington beating Washington State, the conference is eliminated from consideration for the Bowl Championship Series. I read today that WSU is mad about being ranked 13th, behind SEC teams with three losses. I don't know what to tell you? Hire Urban Meyer? The best you can hope for now is for Mike Leach to keep doing interviews. Have you ever seen a better interview than with that guy!

It was a tough week for the CFCC. The average score was south of 41 points. However, not everyone had issues. Apparently the picks were too easy for Rusty Painter from Jenkinsburg, GA., who went 12-3 and dropped 92 points on the field. Equally impressive, Seth Binau from Clarksville, OH has led the field for the last 5 weeks. Seth provides a wonderful example of how you can be from Ohio and legitmately be #1 without any false advertising. Great job Seth! Alisha Mize from Buda, Texas sits in the #2 position. She has been in the top 2 for 8 straight weeks. Mr. Red from San Francisco has been no lower than 11th this entire contest and is at #3 this week. Finally, a shout-out to all you losers below #400. You never cease to amaze.

Do We Really Have Time For This? is the group leader for the 5th week in a row. All in the Family is a close 2nd place. Hall of Famers - The Florida Dummies are in 9th. For all of you who are wondering whether we really have a Hall of Fame. No, but if we did, they'd be at the top of the list. I have a feeling they're ready to make a run.

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