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Bama Rolls, Saban Growls and Upsets Rule Week 1 CFCC

by: Sugar (September 5, 2018)

Full disclosure. I like Nick Saban, but I love Maria Taylor. So, I was a little shocked when Mr. Handsome blew up at the ESPN College Gameday reporter after his Crimson Tide just destroyed Louisville on national TV. I mean the guy just won by 100 points and already makes $100 Million per year. You think he would cut the lovely Miss Taylor some slack. Or anyone for that matter. The whole incident reminds me of a tweet I saw a couple years or so ago. "There is serious, and then there is Nick Saban". In any event, Alabama looks really, really good once again. I won't be predicting them to NOT win the National Championship again this year, I can tell you that much so far.

Week 1 was not kind to the dirty-dawg field, who I think has grown a little soft after so many easy slates served up by the dirty-dawg directors the last few years. Gone this year are the multiple perfect scores and an average in the 90s. The average score for the 2018 version of Week 1 was, 8 points. 8 points. That may be the lowest average Week 1 score of all time. Of the 417 entries for the week, only 273 even managed a positive score. Which teams do we have to thank for such a lackluster start to the season? Thank you Texas Longhorns. Thank you Texas Tech. Thanks UCLA, Arizona, TheU, and Florida State. You guys all stunk it up big time after being favored by the majority of the dirty-dawg field. Next year will somebody please remind me to not put big points on teams that, time and time again, let us all down. Never put big points on crappy teams, either. These are basic dirty-dawg rules that I keep violating.

But the really great thing about dirty-dawg is, no matter how bad the field does overall, there are usually some shining stars. To start off the 2018 season, Mr. Dale Lininger from Buda, Texas takes home the Week 1 honors with a stunning 76 points and a 10-5 record. Dale missed 10 on the Shorthorns, but cut his losses to 6 or less on his 4 other misses. Great job, Dale! Jared McKinney from Hampton, IN and Ross Allen from Glasgow, MT finished 2nd and 3rd respectively and both had a Week 1 high win total with 13 games selected correctly. Jared missed a total of 24 points on UCLA and Miami while Ross shot 25 points on UCLA (thank you Chip Kelly) and Texas.

Always in a Drought was in first place in group competition immediately after the FSU/Va Tech game wrapped up Monday evening, but they since been passed by Nowhere-BALLIN-U.S.A. How does that happen? NBUSA picked up a member or two since then that had a pretty good Week 1. So, it is NBUSA, Always in a Drought, and Fake News Forecasters taking the early lead for the groups.

So, let's try again for Week 2, which is up and ready for action. This week's marquee game is Clemson paying a visit to College Station for a matchup with Jimbo Fisher's born-again Texas Aggies. Lots of other good matchups abound as well, including a battle in the Carolinas and in Iowa. Let's shoot for a double-digit average this week. Good luck!

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